Monday, June 28, 2010

renewed hope...

OK...kind of a cheesy title. Our chaos is increasing my the hour! We will survive though! Today, I heard that someone got a visa in it wasn't me and I don't know who it was....but an adoptive parent DID get a visa!

For weeks, I have heard of no visa's getting through the field investigation. Our field investigation was completed 5 weeks maybe we are getting close. I emailed the embassy today to see if we could get our visa's. I figure it doesn't hurt to ask right?!

In the past, before the field investigation, visa appointments would be on Tuesday and the visa would be issued on I will be hopeful all day tomorrow that my email will remind someone that we need our visa's and they call for the passports so they can issue the visa. Then when it doesn't happen tomorrow I will remain hopefull because Wednesday is a big embassy day. So I have some unexpected hope this it!

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