Friday, June 25, 2010

Soil erosion is real!

On my way home from work today it started storming really cars pulled over to the side of the road driving 20mph on the highway with your hazard lights blinking storm. I got off the interstate and start driving home the small state highway to my house. And as a got to about a block of my turn off...there was red clay colored water pouring across the street. The street wasn't washed out but a thin covering of dirt enriched water was pouring across the street. We have had lots of thunderstorms like this one and I hadn't seen this before.

So I make my turn and there is red clay colored water POURING through the drainage ditch and giant puddles in the roadway...I immediately stopped with visions of my parents seeing me airlifted by a helicopter out of a flood and saying "what an idiot..her parents must be so embarrassed"...however...upons closer evaluation...the dirt made it look worse than it was.

About a month ago a guy on the second street rented some kind of heavy machinery and deforested his half an acre lot on the side of the hill and put a manufactured home on it...sitting up on cement pylons on a giant flattened hill of red clay. I can't wait to drive back by there after the storm and see how much of that hill washed away...because there was some serious erosion. The difference in patterns of rain water flow was amazing.

In other is Keith's last day of work and my mom is heading into town tomorrow to help with the move. I am also picking Lilianna up tomorrow...yeah...Zeb is soooo excited that she is coming home. He has been asking everyday for the last 2 weeks "When is my lilly coming to my house?" On Sunday, Keith and O leave for boyscout tomorrow night will be the last night Keith and I sleep together in our first house together. My angst over that one is for another post!

Hoping next week will bring news of my daughters homecoming!

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Shannon said...

WOW - you guys have A LOT going on! Can't wait to see you in the Pink Poodle Manor!

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