Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weigh in time

OK...I fell off the diet wagon already. We went out of town this weekend and there was snacking in the car and possibly a 900 calorie medium hot fudge shake from dairy queen...and boy it was good - allegedly.

and...I haven't bought my sports hula hoop..but I am going to hop on over to when I finish this post and actually buy it. Online shopping is soooo superior to cleaning the house or doing the laundry which are the main things waiting for me right now! I also haven't actually ridden my bike since last Wednesday (we were out of town from Thursday right after work until late Sunday night..and I can think up some good excuses for Monday and Tuesday...just give me a minute!).

The official one week weigh in is 154 lbs...yes that is trying to lose weight, I have managed to gain 2 pounds. So my new plan is to take lasix every wednesday morning and then weigh myself in the afternoon..ahhaha..just kidding. I suck....apparently I suck on full sticks of butter and sippy cups filled with bacon grease.

That being said....tomorrow is another day.

In other news....the US Embassy in Ghana has all of the paperwork for our daughter's visas and we are literally just waiting on them to decide to issue them. Waiting stinks...not quite in the same way cleaning the house and doing the laundry..but still. It is really suck-y to be waiting for no apparent reason. Also heard that things might be moving in the Kyrgyzstan adoption world - I certainly hope so! There are 65 little kiddos who are out way past curfew!

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