Monday, June 14, 2010

What a great weekend..

Nothing like a really craptastic week to help you appreciate the weekend!

Here are my babies at the train museum. Yeah it is the weekend.

Here are taking a short train can't tell from the picture...but it is about 125 degrees with humidity around 99.9%...ok I may be exaggerating a tad...just a tad. We did get a pretty good breeze on the train through.
Our trip to the train museum was an all day affair. We stopped to get Krispy kreme donuts on the way home...yes I am fat and on a diet...but keith got a coupon for a free dozen diet be damned! Then we went to Target and bought some new summer clothes for the boys....and yes....they wantes matching clothes and shoes. I only indulged their desire to match with this on shirt and their shoes.
We had a great weekend.
As a small aside, over the weekend, Zeb started telling us stories about when he was in Kyrgyzstan. Obviously, he doesn't acutally remember being in Kyrgyzstan..but he will start out the story like this..."one time I was in kyrgyzstan and mommy came to visit me and gave me some yogurt" (which is one of the things we talk about when we are looking at Kyrgyzstan pictures). Or "one time when I was in Kyrgyzstan mommy and daddy flew to kyrgyzstan and mommy said "my zebby" and gave me a hug". These will be at completely random (at least to my eyes) times. We almost always have a laptop on the kitchen table and whenever Zeb wants to look at pictures he asks and we open them up and all look at we have seen Zebby kyrgyzstan pictures a million times, pictures of the new house a million times, etc. So I am not sure why it seems so odd to me that Zeb is all of a sudden vocalizing things about Kyrgyzstan and stories from his lifebook (ok I don't really have his lifebook is still completely unput together in the bottom drawer of my dresser...but the stories are told and the pictures are all digital on the kitchen table...isn't that good enough!).
I recently read something......I don't even know where I read was by an international adoptee about the point at which his "lifestory" ceased to be a cute little story about red threads and mommy flying over the ocean to pick him up and adoption started to mean that he was different from his brother and sisters.
So Zeb's new -ish desire to be twins with Benjamin and his new-ish vocalizing things about "one time in Kyrgyzstan" has been sending me into overanalyzing mode. Meanwhile, Keith said that he things Zeb just likes saying kyrgyzstan because it is a fun word to say. I think that Keith is probably right...chics are complicated...dudes are pretty uncomplicated!

Oh yeah and Zeb slept in underwear all last night with no accidents...go zebby!


Shannon said...

Too cute! E does the "when I was...." thing all the time! He also talks about Kyrgyzstan a lot! He also constantly tells people that "when I was a baby, I was brown" when they are paying attention to M. Kids are crazy nuts! Congrats on the undies - I'm JEALOUS!!!!

Tapsalteerie said...

We talk about KG alot but then Xander actually does remember his birth family and remembers living in a yurt... it's dim but parts are very vivid. He typically only starts talking about it when he's a bit unsettled so you can imagine my surprise yesterday as we were milling around before a Land Rover event and X pipes up and starts talking about his "mother that was shot down in KG"... SOCIALLY AWKWARD MOMENT!! People suddenly drifted AWAY from us RAPIDLY! and for the rest of the trip we sort of stood to the side... the fact that both S and B dropped trow and peed on one of the paths probably didn't help either.

Michelle said...

Zeb kept it together today..but i am sensing a problem tonight. crack me up! We might have to get a landrover so we can hang out!

Tapsalteerie said...

Considering how snooty I thought the events could be (and sometimes are) I typically always have a good time. They're free, with free food, usually a descent glad-you-came gift (this time a bag, water bottle and keychain) and had fun games (water balloon slingshot that Sophie came in 2nd place winning a hat and a orienteering thing that we won 2nd place as a family again winning another hat I think they had a kayak race but we didn't get near the water since my guys get a little squirrely and I didn't want to have a rescue mission) and then you get to drive their obstacle course (big burms, blind hills, a seesaw thing that the kids LOVE!) so if you just ignore the snotty people you can have a good time. We end up talking to the staff more anyway as they love our Discovery (it's the old LR when it was still boxy and had the tire on the back... so we're so not keeping up with Joneses with a new LR4).

Can't imagine how many looks we'd get with our combined families (yours and mine) but it would be soooo much fun!! LOL!

Brand New Mama said...

The most I can get JJ to say about Krygyzstan is in regard to our trip home on the airplane. He will only look at a few pictures at a time and quickly asks to do something else. I understand your pain with the lifebook. I finally decided to do it the easy way and made the book online at You can add your own text and captions. I also added a map of Kyrgyzstan to the front. Do a search for coupon codes and save 50%. I paid $25 for a 20+ page, 12x12 full-color, hard covered book!

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