Thursday, June 24, 2010

what have I been up to...

This happens every couple of months...I don't have any pictures or anything too exciting to post about and my blog lays empty and forgotten..much like all of the clothes I outgrew sitting in my closet.....
It seems ironic that I am not posting because there is really so much going on in my life. I finish my residency in less than a week. When I first started medical school it seemed like forever. I remember when Lilianna was born I figured out she would be 7 when I had my first real she is really almost 7. Boy do I look 7 years older hah!

This blog has been really cool for a journal or diary. I can look back and see what I was doing when Zeb was born...when I didn't even know about him...or what I was doing when Zoe was born. I wish I had a journal from 9 years ago so i could see what I was doing with Alex was born....I was working for Harrah's new orleans, getting my MBA and working on my medical school applications. No journal....but I did have dial up internet...oh the joy! haha.

So right now I am on a cardiovascular anesthesia month which is good and bad. The cases are really intense and it is way cool to see hearts stop and then watch them start back up again an hour can look into the chest and see if you give calcium they beat stronger....etc. It is just cool. However, the rotation itself sucks because you never know when your case is going to start when you are going to get off etc. I have become spoiled in this residency because you know when you are not on are out of the OR at 3pm. It is nice to have predictability. I was second call last night...which means I will be the second person to get called in from home if there is an emergency case...or 2 as the case may be. However, the normal staffed hosed me into starting a case that I wasn't assigned to that they knew (as did I) would take forever. So...all of the paid normal staff ..including the first call CRNA was home in bed by 8pm and I was in the OR until 430 this morning. Not that I am bitter.....hahaha.

Anyway, I have one more call and I have 2 more regular days...tomorrow and Monday. Then I am done. It is a little bit intimidating to think of being done...but it is really exciting.

off to bed....I have a 7am case in the morning and who knows when it will really go...if it will go...or what time I will be done! Whatever those answers maybe doesn't change the fact that i will need to be at the hospital at like 430am to start my set

In adoption news......nada. We know nothing more about the visa's for the girls. i am beginning to think that they are never going to do anything and I really am curious at what point do we start DOING something...asking for help from our lawmakers, maybe Angelina Joli could visit them or something and help out! How long do we JUST WAIT! I am such a doooer not a waiter. Another Beacon House family is headed to court tomorrow for a travel order and if you could please add her adorable little girls to your prayers tomorrow it will make a difference. These sweet little girls need their mommy!

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The Great Detective said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe that it's been so many years since we started medical school. I've just kind of been surviving week to week and hadn't stopped to think how long ago this all started. Now I'm kind of depressed. Anyway, congratulations for being almost done! I'm so jealous. We'll have to come visit you sometime soon. Now that I'll be a big senior resident and have tons of time to do what I want and go on all sorts of vacations (wait . . . maybe not so much).


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