Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lilianna's birthday

Today my first child turns 7. She had me all to herself for the first 4 years of her life...I mean all to herself. She is such a blessing to me. She was far...the most exhausting child...boy was she a terror! She weighs 40 lbs and carries about 1000lbs of unbridled fidgety energy inside that tiny frame! But she is so sweet and caring and wants everyone to be happy.

Even though she is my only child who experienced only child-ness - she is the biggest proponent of more brothers and sisters. She is visiting her biologic dad in New Orleans right now...she left yesterday. I know she loves to see him and I try to support her visits...but it always stinks when she is gone. I know she misses her brothers and us. Of course, now she also misses her sea monkeys and her kitten.

It doesn't seem like she was born 7 years ago....7 years is a long time. I think you can get away with feeling young when you have young kids...but once those kids hit 2nd's over dude...your old. I am there...I am old!

We had a small birthday party for her on Thursday night and she had already decided she wanted to wait to have a birthday party until after school started so she could invite her school friends over. So maybe we will have a partyin early September for her.

I just can't believe she is 7.
I wanted to post a baby picture...but I don't have one! How bad is that! I didn't have a digital camera until I started the adoption for Zebby. I took pictures of Lilianna...I promise! haha. Somewhere I have those picture CD's you can get when you develop your disposable camera's. When I find them I am going to upload all of the pictures and save them on the back up drive we have all of our pictures on. That is a POST-BOARD EXAM project! Lilianna was a ridiculously cute baby...of course she is a ridiculously cute 7 yr old too and I am not a bit biased!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Good news....

We met a woman through Beacon House that runs an adoption agency in Kentucky. She made tons of calls for us to try to figure out what we have to update or not to update!

The word as of now is that we do not need an update because we have our I600 approval...our case is officially approved and closed by the USCIS. We are waiting on the State Department to issue the visa's..and they don't have a homestudy requirement for the visa - they just have the requirement of an I600 approved by the USCIS. I am not sure where the I604 investigation falls...if the visa is denied under the I604 then we will have to refile all of our paperwork with the USCIS and another I600 application and THEN we would need a new homestudy.

I pray daily that we don't have our visa application denied....but I suppose it could happen.

I also heard from another family yesterday that they actually got an email from the there is hope...they don't just ignore might just be me they ignore which is good news for all of the other families waiting for visa's! haha....or maybe they actually are going down a cue of some sort and someday my family will get to the top.

I am a lot more hopefull today...I did go to bed around 9 last night instead of my usual 11pm..that may help.

Lilianna is off to her dad's house for 2 weeks and O headed back to his mom's house today so the next 2 weeks belong to our babies and it seems sooo quiet here already!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

it is always something...

I feel so lucky and blessed to have all of the things I have in my life....seriously. I am soooo lucky - my hsuband, my job, my house, my kids....I have no reason to complain about a single thing. Except that 2 of my daughters are sitting in an orphanage in Africa going on 6 months from the time they legally became my daughters and they are sitting there for no good reason....

Now we have more hoops and I am getting so frustrated. We are about to embark upon our 3rd home study for an adoption that is COMPLETE...except for the issuance of their visa's. It is totally ridiculous and there is nothing I can do about it except keep trudging along and trying not to cry in front of the kids when the mood strikes me. Which thankfully is not fact today when I found out we have to redo our the only time it actually made me cry. It has been 6 months since I have seen my girls and I am a tad frustrated.

Monday, July 26, 2010

yes...I should be studying..

I know I know....I just wanted to share how much I love my job. Today I had my first unexpected difficult airway. It wasn't totally unexpected - I guess.

Work was fun and i am really excited to be out of residency. Our super awesome housekeeper keeps getting more awesome. I have some great pictures of the new addition to our back is a dome climber that all of the kids love to climb and fall off of.

must study

Little guy finds family.....

Monroe has a paper ready family committed to bringing him home.....yeah! only 206,999,999 kids to go

Friday, July 23, 2010


This is Monroe

Read about him here.
How amazing that he has such a large grant. I know that most of the people that read my blog probably also read the blog I swiped this from...."whattuppp Shannon!"
Maybe not though....Ukraine can be a quick process and a beautiful place to visit!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am on call tonight and it is pretty busy is my first call at my new job. I got a phone call from Keith that O found Lilianna's kitten, precious princess, under the car laying weird and not really moving. He brought her in and called me..I asked around for a vet and he called the emergency vet line and was waiting for the call back while I was talking on the phone.

WHile we were on the phone, precious princess died. Here I am stuck at work when my daughter's new kitten died. In the last year, my 18 yo cat and 12 yo dog (both living in new Orleans) had to be put to sleep and my parent's 18yo dog had to be put to sleep...these are the 3 out of 4 pets Lilianna has known her whole life. So...she took it amazingly well.

We had put some corn out on the hill behind our house because the previous owners told us that deer and wild turkey will come to eat it. Lilianna has been impatiently waiting for the turkeys...deer are cool but she has been pre-occupied by turkeys. In the middle of Keith talking to the kids about precious princess...a flock of wild turkeys ..apparently GIANT wild turkeys graced our yard.

Thank you God for providing my little ones with this heart was just breaking until I heard the joy and laughter the wild turkeys brought them.

back to work...

Saturday, July 17, 2010


The new kitties (well 2 of 3 new kitties)

The boys drive as terrifyingly as their father

we played outside last night for quite a while. This is our driveway (for real!) we have a big gate at the end of it we lock it every night. So last night after I locked us in (before zeb locked us out!)...the kids went crazy in the driveway. It was lots and lots of fun.

imagine this....

last night about 830pm, the kids were getting exhausted, keith is out of town picking up O and we decide to go for a quick walk with the new kittens down the driveway. The door shuts and I realize I didn't check it to make sure it wasn't locked. and of lock obsessed child has locked the door.

thankfully I had my phone so I start calling around. There are 2 people in town with extra keys to our house. Our housekeeper, who never answers her cell phone (and last night was no exception to that rule!) and someone we hadn't actually met yet that lives up the hill. The neighbor up the hill has a key...yeah....except she is in maryland with her key.

Lilianna starts making survival decisions. She has a bottle of water in the car from earlier today and starts rationing Zeb's water..."you can only have one drink today and one drink tomorrow"she says "it has to last us forever!". She starts plotting out how we can make a tent and live in it and wash our clothes in the swimming pool. Meanwhile, Zeb is crying and promising over and over to never lock the door again (which of course he has already done twice today!).

With no spare keys available, under the phone tutelage of our resident eagle scout lock picker....I start the process of breaking into my house. I don't know who was more surprised that I managed to jimmy the or Keith. It was a much later night than i had hoped...but the boys went to bed quickly and quietly...I think they were just glad they didn't have to sleep in the tent Lilianna was making out of an old moving blanket the front door to the hyndai sante fe.

I did take some pictures last night when we were locked out of the house....i had a camera but no key! haha.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the smoke is clearing...

We still don't have internet...but the boxes are starting to thin out and the debris is starting to settle.
I still LOVE my new job. It is almost criminal how awesome my job is....almost.
Our housekeeper started today. She stopped by last night to talk with us. We inheirited (is that spelled right?) her from the previous owners of the house and she is super nice. I definitely like her a lot.

I am working late tonight...hence the internet access. I just got off of work and I am studying for an hour before heading home. t minus 2 weeks until board exam explosion!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

i feel like it is 1992..

We have had no internet access from our home since July is really cramping my style! OK I don't actually have any style...but now I don't have any style and I don't have any internet!

We are eating a lot burger king because they are the closest place with free wifi! July 15th is our tentative date for going online....yeah! Just thought I would say Hello out there. This is probably one of the longest stints of not posting ever!

Nothing new going on...still waiting on visa's, LOVE my new job and the house...which is still an unpacked mess!

Friday, July 2, 2010

My life is filled with drama queens...

I found this picture of the families who travelled before we did ...took this picture and I had kind of lost track of it...guess which one is MY daughter! I find it soooo amazing that my daughter from half way across the world is just like my daughter from the US in pouty, dramatic temperment. Actually I think I have a picture of Lilianna posing with her pink hair in exactly this pose.
I am ready to have my house full of drama queens...ok fuller!
Alex turns 9 on July 8 days. I think she would want a quiet birthday party at home for her first birthday..but the next one would be a high school musical birthday party maybe. I would love for her to get her visa for her birthday. I don't think that is too much to ask!

Big day..

Lots going on today....big packing push. Must finish.....insert exhausted mom crawling through house piles with boxes looking for a pad of post it notes...ok its not even close to that bad. I don't know where all of my kids get their flair for the dramatic? It must be Keith!

Today is also the day another one of the Beacon House families goes to court for the umpteenth (yes that is a number) remember to put them and their sweet daughters in your prayers today if you would. These sweet little girls have been legally adopted since weeks before ours and are missing a critical part of their judgement that will allow them to start their immigration paperwork - it is a very stinktastic situation.

This is also friday. I am feeling friday's as good news from the embassy day. We got our bogus expedited visa interview email on a friday. I contacted one of our Senator's offices on Wednesday and they sent a formal inquiry to the embassy about the status of our visa's which they would have received yesterday. If I don't hear anything today, I am thinking about contacting JCICS to see if there is any advocating they can do for me. I talked to someone recently about the FACE act at our other Senator's office. I had written them emails about the act and she had called me to get my story. She emailed USCIS for us when our i600 approval was awol. I have forgotten her name but I am sure it is in my piles of stuff somewhere. I will try to find it today when I am packing up my suitcase.

I get that things don't happen on my time table...I am good with that..but you have to help yourself and God provides you with opportunities to help just have to grab them. How random is it that someone in my playgroup grew up with the woman who is the liaison with the state dept and foreign embassies for our senator. How random is it that the other senator's office contacted me and offered to help with our adoption in any way. Yes...these are opportunities I should not let pass us by. I think we are being armed for a little battle - don't you?

I am digressing a little bit and maybe procrastinating to avoid the jobs that lay ahead!

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