Friday, July 2, 2010

Big day..

Lots going on today....big packing push. Must finish.....insert exhausted mom crawling through house piles with boxes looking for a pad of post it notes...ok its not even close to that bad. I don't know where all of my kids get their flair for the dramatic? It must be Keith!

Today is also the day another one of the Beacon House families goes to court for the umpteenth (yes that is a number) remember to put them and their sweet daughters in your prayers today if you would. These sweet little girls have been legally adopted since weeks before ours and are missing a critical part of their judgement that will allow them to start their immigration paperwork - it is a very stinktastic situation.

This is also friday. I am feeling friday's as good news from the embassy day. We got our bogus expedited visa interview email on a friday. I contacted one of our Senator's offices on Wednesday and they sent a formal inquiry to the embassy about the status of our visa's which they would have received yesterday. If I don't hear anything today, I am thinking about contacting JCICS to see if there is any advocating they can do for me. I talked to someone recently about the FACE act at our other Senator's office. I had written them emails about the act and she had called me to get my story. She emailed USCIS for us when our i600 approval was awol. I have forgotten her name but I am sure it is in my piles of stuff somewhere. I will try to find it today when I am packing up my suitcase.

I get that things don't happen on my time table...I am good with that..but you have to help yourself and God provides you with opportunities to help just have to grab them. How random is it that someone in my playgroup grew up with the woman who is the liaison with the state dept and foreign embassies for our senator. How random is it that the other senator's office contacted me and offered to help with our adoption in any way. Yes...these are opportunities I should not let pass us by. I think we are being armed for a little battle - don't you?

I am digressing a little bit and maybe procrastinating to avoid the jobs that lay ahead!

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