Friday, July 30, 2010

Good news....

We met a woman through Beacon House that runs an adoption agency in Kentucky. She made tons of calls for us to try to figure out what we have to update or not to update!

The word as of now is that we do not need an update because we have our I600 approval...our case is officially approved and closed by the USCIS. We are waiting on the State Department to issue the visa's..and they don't have a homestudy requirement for the visa - they just have the requirement of an I600 approved by the USCIS. I am not sure where the I604 investigation falls...if the visa is denied under the I604 then we will have to refile all of our paperwork with the USCIS and another I600 application and THEN we would need a new homestudy.

I pray daily that we don't have our visa application denied....but I suppose it could happen.

I also heard from another family yesterday that they actually got an email from the there is hope...they don't just ignore might just be me they ignore which is good news for all of the other families waiting for visa's! haha....or maybe they actually are going down a cue of some sort and someday my family will get to the top.

I am a lot more hopefull today...I did go to bed around 9 last night instead of my usual 11pm..that may help.

Lilianna is off to her dad's house for 2 weeks and O headed back to his mom's house today so the next 2 weeks belong to our babies and it seems sooo quiet here already!

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The Stevens said...

I can imagine how frustrating this whole process is. I know our process has had its up and downs too. My doctors office has had to redo the medical forms 4 times. They can not listen to directions or apparently type. ITS SO FRUSTRATING!!! The best thing is on the 4th letter they typed there were typos that they hand corrected and notarized and told us that should work. I was like HELL no it wont work, do it right and professionally. Needless to say once they get it done we are finding a new dr office....sad

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