Saturday, July 17, 2010

imagine this....

last night about 830pm, the kids were getting exhausted, keith is out of town picking up O and we decide to go for a quick walk with the new kittens down the driveway. The door shuts and I realize I didn't check it to make sure it wasn't locked. and of lock obsessed child has locked the door.

thankfully I had my phone so I start calling around. There are 2 people in town with extra keys to our house. Our housekeeper, who never answers her cell phone (and last night was no exception to that rule!) and someone we hadn't actually met yet that lives up the hill. The neighbor up the hill has a key...yeah....except she is in maryland with her key.

Lilianna starts making survival decisions. She has a bottle of water in the car from earlier today and starts rationing Zeb's water..."you can only have one drink today and one drink tomorrow"she says "it has to last us forever!". She starts plotting out how we can make a tent and live in it and wash our clothes in the swimming pool. Meanwhile, Zeb is crying and promising over and over to never lock the door again (which of course he has already done twice today!).

With no spare keys available, under the phone tutelage of our resident eagle scout lock picker....I start the process of breaking into my house. I don't know who was more surprised that I managed to jimmy the or Keith. It was a much later night than i had hoped...but the boys went to bed quickly and quietly...I think they were just glad they didn't have to sleep in the tent Lilianna was making out of an old moving blanket the front door to the hyndai sante fe.

I did take some pictures last night when we were locked out of the house....i had a camera but no key! haha.


Tapsalteerie said...

That is so funny! I can just picture L taking decisive command of the situation!

Michelle said...

She kept saying..."even if we have to live outside forever at least we have each other and that is what is important". That girl lives for drama...I am already living in fear of the impending teen years!

Brand New Mama said...

I love it! What a great attitude L has! Where is the new house? Are you still in AL?

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