Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lilianna's birthday

Today my first child turns 7. She had me all to herself for the first 4 years of her life...I mean all to herself. She is such a blessing to me. She was far...the most exhausting child...boy was she a terror! She weighs 40 lbs and carries about 1000lbs of unbridled fidgety energy inside that tiny frame! But she is so sweet and caring and wants everyone to be happy.

Even though she is my only child who experienced only child-ness - she is the biggest proponent of more brothers and sisters. She is visiting her biologic dad in New Orleans right now...she left yesterday. I know she loves to see him and I try to support her visits...but it always stinks when she is gone. I know she misses her brothers and us. Of course, now she also misses her sea monkeys and her kitten.

It doesn't seem like she was born 7 years ago....7 years is a long time. I think you can get away with feeling young when you have young kids...but once those kids hit 2nd's over dude...your old. I am there...I am old!

We had a small birthday party for her on Thursday night and she had already decided she wanted to wait to have a birthday party until after school started so she could invite her school friends over. So maybe we will have a partyin early September for her.

I just can't believe she is 7.
I wanted to post a baby picture...but I don't have one! How bad is that! I didn't have a digital camera until I started the adoption for Zebby. I took pictures of Lilianna...I promise! haha. Somewhere I have those picture CD's you can get when you develop your disposable camera's. When I find them I am going to upload all of the pictures and save them on the back up drive we have all of our pictures on. That is a POST-BOARD EXAM project! Lilianna was a ridiculously cute baby...of course she is a ridiculously cute 7 yr old too and I am not a bit biased!

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Tapsalteerie said...

Sophie's 10.

I could deal with Sophie being 7, or even 9... but 10... yeah.

And now that she's taller than my (admittedly short) aunt... geez... blows my mind!

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