Friday, July 2, 2010

My life is filled with drama queens...

I found this picture of the families who travelled before we did ...took this picture and I had kind of lost track of it...guess which one is MY daughter! I find it soooo amazing that my daughter from half way across the world is just like my daughter from the US in pouty, dramatic temperment. Actually I think I have a picture of Lilianna posing with her pink hair in exactly this pose.
I am ready to have my house full of drama queens...ok fuller!
Alex turns 9 on July 8 days. I think she would want a quiet birthday party at home for her first birthday..but the next one would be a high school musical birthday party maybe. I would love for her to get her visa for her birthday. I don't think that is too much to ask!


Anonymous said...

I recognize one of these princesses. I hope you'll be able to tell me all about her personality when you travel so I can write a blog post and advocate for her! Here's to a speedy visa for your daughter.

Michelle said...

Thanks! I am hoping to do more soon to help the other little girl come home soon too!

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