Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am on call tonight and it is pretty busy is my first call at my new job. I got a phone call from Keith that O found Lilianna's kitten, precious princess, under the car laying weird and not really moving. He brought her in and called me..I asked around for a vet and he called the emergency vet line and was waiting for the call back while I was talking on the phone.

WHile we were on the phone, precious princess died. Here I am stuck at work when my daughter's new kitten died. In the last year, my 18 yo cat and 12 yo dog (both living in new Orleans) had to be put to sleep and my parent's 18yo dog had to be put to sleep...these are the 3 out of 4 pets Lilianna has known her whole life. So...she took it amazingly well.

We had put some corn out on the hill behind our house because the previous owners told us that deer and wild turkey will come to eat it. Lilianna has been impatiently waiting for the turkeys...deer are cool but she has been pre-occupied by turkeys. In the middle of Keith talking to the kids about precious princess...a flock of wild turkeys ..apparently GIANT wild turkeys graced our yard.

Thank you God for providing my little ones with this heart was just breaking until I heard the joy and laughter the wild turkeys brought them.

back to work...

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