Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 26th...

Hmm....there is something about today...what is it? mmmm....oh yeah....3 years ago Keith and I had the awesomest wedding ever!

I think it has been awhile since I went on and on about how completely and totally lucky I am to have Keith as my husband. Every day he amazes me with something completely insane and unexpected.

The other day he took all of the kids to the doctor's office all by himself. They all had to have blood drawn and he didn't even bat an eyelid. Who knows how out of control Lilianna was...after the last time we had blood drawn and she screamed at the top of her lungs "Give me back my blood" over and over really couldn't have been worse. Zeb was totally problem. Benjamin was fine until it was all over and he saw the blood and the bandaid was going on.

I met him and the kids at McDonalds after the dr's appt and he was sooo cute herding the kids in from the car. I am sooo lucky.

He also took them to the dentist and everyone did good. In fact Ben and Zeb were so excited about going to the dentist they asked if they could go back the next day. They got pictures of themselves at the dentist office for their first dental visit and Lilianna looked super cute and ben and zeb looked like they were being booked into jail. It was funny...and NO cavities! YEAH! Although apparently all of our kids have way too many teeth in way too small mouths. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought to consider my children's mouth fact quite the opposite!

Keith cuts down big trees (although they are still laying in the front yard), our washing machine exploded the other night and upon moving it we discovered that one of the washer hookups had been spraying water out for days, months, years...who knows. So he unscrewed a bunch of ancient pipes and did a little plumbing magic with pipes, nozzles, weird purple glue stuff. Amazingly it works.

He always amazes me with the things he knows how to do....even the things he fakes knowing how to do he somehow pulls off! While actions speak much louder the words... the things he does for us are way above and beyond anything I have a right to expect from a husband. His to do list for himself is way longer and more extensive than I could ever come up with.

Keith is not just amazing because of the things he knows how to is because of who he is and how he is with me and with the kids. He is silly, funny, sweet, everything is a chance to teach the kids something. He treats me like a princess...which I love. He is always considerate...he opens doors for me, he waits until I get in the car and then shuts the door for me, he always brings me a drink when he gets one for himself. I think if we came across a mud puddle, he would put his coat over it for me to walk on....well if he had a coat!

With all of the stress of moving and the big change for him of staying home with the kids I wouldn't be surprised if his head exploded...but it hasn't and he even brought me flowers for our anniversary today. I can't wait to post a picture of the ridiculously big gift he got me for our anniversary - it isn't here yet but as soon as it get's here I am totally taking a picture and posting it! It is totally awesome and I have always wanted one, and I don't need any quarters for this one.

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