Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hanging around the house...

We have a new big house. It came with a lot of furniture in it....by a lot of furniture I mean fully furnished....with a lot of bric a brac (is that really a word?) We are still overwhelmed by stuff. We increased our square footage by a ton and somehow managed to increase our stuff to space ratio as well.

Today was going to be fake plant liberation day. My plan was to move all of the free standing fake plants to the stable....we must have literally hundreds of fake plants in here. We have high ceilings and a very open floor plan with tons of fake plants hanging from ceiling planters that divide rooms, from high ledge planters near windows ... then there are the big fake plants that are sitting in pots with little fake blossom bulb-y things. Then there are vases with big artistic-y crunchy hard fake flowers in every bathroom, bedroom, well any room.

Anyway....I have been having some allergy issues for the last 2 days...so today I was overhwhelmed by fake plants and fake plant liberation day will have to wait until thursday. Your living, pollinating cousins may have helped you win THIS battle...but you will not win the war!

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