Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Houses and things....

I need to take a picture of the little stall we placed all of our potted fake plants...it is like a little jungle...there are big pots with 6 foot trees (the big ones all have little tiny fake bird's nests with face eggs in them....nice). There are little baskets with overflowing leafy fake plants, there are vases with big, hard, potpourried flowers, there are tiny little aztec - y vases with fake ivy. It is a wonderland of plastic leafery.

The crazy A frame down the street is coming along. So far the old carpets have been torn out, the ugly wall dividing the foyer from the great room (I use these terms loosely because the whole house is like 1700 squar feet so the great room is great only in coolness..haha) has been torn down and the wood floor guy is hard at work putting in the new floor. It is white oak and he has completed the stairs and the upstair's loft area and started on the bedrooms and great room. We decided at the last minute...meaning yesterday....to tear out the tile in the foyer and kitchen and put the wood in there too. The floor guy is a hoot. He is a DJ and is all "man this house is gonna be sweeeet"...but I know he does really good work I can tell from the pictures I have seen and from the work he has already done.
The carpenters doing the work are Amish. That's right Anita (if you are reading this)....we have 2 Amish carpenters redoing our house. There is a third man on the crew that drives everyone around...apparently you can't drive if you are Amish...but you can ride. The first day they came their jeep was dusty and someone had written "Amishmobile" in the dirt on the back window.

We are really excited about the progress on the A Frame and it may be close to being ready when my parents get here on the 12. As soon as the floors are all the way done I will take some pictures to post.

I am all post today......maybe I will make another one about the cool new church we went to this Sunday. ...Yeah we found a church!


Mala said...

Great! Now I have Weird Al's "Amish Paradise" in my head. Thanks for that.

Michelle said...

haha...I don't know that one...but I have seen Weird Al in concert...Live in Wichita Kansas.

Rachel said...

LOVE IT! hahahaha!

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