Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mini ponies

Today I took Lilianna, Zeb and Benjamin to the house of one of the people I work with to see mini ponies. There was a baby named Chocolate Chip who was the same height as Lilianna and the mommy pony, Susan...who was a little shorter than me.

The kids all talked big...but were a little skittish! No one really got to pet chocolate chip because she was afraid. But we walked around and looked at the other horses there. The kids had fun. We will probably visit again because the kids really did have a good time. It will be especially fun to bring Alex and Zoe when they get home.

Keith is on a boyscout campout in Alabama this weekend (actually it might be in Tennesee...I don't know where he is exactly!) So it is just the kids and I. We are having a lot of fun. Last night we went swimming...It was very cold. Then we played outside on bikes and with the many kitty cats. Then we watched a movie and everyone went to bed without too much hassle.

This morning we got pancakes in the McDonalds drive thru....every time we go to McDonald's Ben gets so excited you would think it was Xmas morning! After the trip to the pony farm we all had left over pizza and everyone went down for a nap with like zero fuss. It was truly amazing!

It is nap time now and we are going to try to find the mall in Charlotte, WV after they wake up! Shopping is fun! haha.

As soon as Keith gets back with the camera adapter I will post the pictures of the mini ponies...although I didn't get too many good shots.

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