Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Insert me into this picture with a computer terminal at the Johnson City Pearson Vue testing center yesterday.....ouch.
That test kicked my butt. About 30 questions into the 250 question test I had a sudden realization....My complacent ass was going to fail this test. I didn't cry, I didn't panic....I just thanked God for giving me another year to study and learn more about anesthesiology...because if this test is any indication...I clearly need it!
I almost got up and walked out....but decided to do my best and finish the test. The feeling of inferiority just kept coming....for 3 1/2 hours I had my ego beate to a bloody pulp. OH the pain!
Having talked to some of my friends who took the test on Tuesday....I haven't really talked to anyone who feels particularly good about the exam and it is graded on a October 16th is the day I find out if I passed or failed....nothing like 2 months to stew!
I got home around 3 yesterday and we took the boys for a swim...put them to bed early and watched Hot Tub Time was funny. Then back to work this morning to all of the well meaning people at work that asked me how the test went.....all you can really do in that situation is give some ridicoulus vague and glib can't really start talking about your new study strategy for passing it next year! Although I am developing one!
I was hoping once the test was over we would hear something about our daughters coming home....nothing on that yet though.

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The Stevens said...

Feeling like you failed it is usually a good sign you kicked its butt!!!

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