Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our new church

Destination Community Church One of the things that made us sad when we left Birmngham was leaving our church. We really enjoyed going to was a pretty large church...they had a great kids program the the kids loved, they had a great praise band (which I loved) and sermons that were very mission oriented. There were things I wished were different...I always wanted there to be an adoption ministry so I just tried to start one! haha.

So when we got to Pikeville, we started looking for a church that had a strong kids program. Well, we thought maybe we could help build one - so then we started looking for a church with a praise band that had live music and played contemporary know Toby Mac, Hillsong Utd, Casting Crowns..ok. I will be honest...I kind of started to give up...I just started watching the internet broadcast of Saddleback.

Then 2 weeks ago in a fit of anxiety over bad mothering I made dentist appointments for the kids at a pediatric dentist recommended to me by a nurse in preop holding. Keith took them and the dentist asked him if we had found a church yet. He then proceeds to tell Keith about the new church he and 11 other people had started several months ago. Their vision is exactly what we had been looking for.

Keith called me excited on the way home and I was so excited to go last Sunday. It is exactly what we had hoped it would be. Lots of kids and a focus on Kids church, contemporary praise music...although they are still working on getting a full band it is the plan. They even have adoption as part of their vision. I couldn't believe it when I went to their website and saw a tab for adoption.

They are meeting monthly now, and our frantic last minute dentist appointment was the week of the August service so we were able to make it. Weekly services start next month, but we went to the launch meeting today. In another piece of coincidence, several of the launch team members are faculty at the kids' school.

So we are very, very excited about our new church.

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Brand New Mama said...

I am excited for you! Our church was started the same way! 5 members, then 25, then 1,000 and now - just 15 years later - attendance is 5,000+ every weekend! If I were closer, I'd go there too! We are lucky enough to have the members of Sanctus Reel at our church. Get your Toby Mac on girl, and get some Nate Sallie while you're at it!

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