Monday, August 2, 2010

Senility sets in...

This weekend was my 20th high school reunion...I know what is going through your could someone as youthfull as myself be so freakin' old....yes that though goes through my mind on like a daily basis these days!

I missed the reunion for several reasons...the biggest being that I am taking my Anesthesia Board Exam tomorrow and really needed to spend some time studying. Since, you know, I hadn't actually done that yet.

So, as a study break yesterday..I perused facebook looking for pictures of the reunion bash..i did find some. More interestingly, I found a picture on the reunion site that wasn't labelled...but that looks suspiciously like it could be me. I totally had the curled in front, perm in back blue eyeshadow look my freshmen year in high school in addition to my cool lavendar jordache leg warmers....seriously. However, I can find no corroboration that this picture is in fact me..... here it is though...just in case it is me you can have a giggle. If it isn't me, I apologize to whoever I have been laughing at all day and all of the public humiliation I just opened you up to....without furthur ado.....

Even if it isn't me...feel free to laugh at the fact that it could be...oh mom can't even tell me if it is me. I feel pretty sure it is because I ran across a picture of myself recently from my freshman year of high school and i look that!
Oh board exam is tomorrow at 8am EST...please send me good multiple choice vibes.

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