Sunday, August 29, 2010


When we moved here...I wasn't really worried about shopping. We have a walmart and a grocery store. There is a bigger walmart up the road about 30 minutes. Then we started trying to find some furniture for Lilianna's room...and it happened. I went headlong into Target withdrawal.

So yesterday after naptime we drove up to Charleston, WV to go to the mall and target. the mall was certainly nothing to write home about. 3 levels and the basic mall stuff. They did have a build a bear workshop and 3 children's clothing places and a Family Christian book store (where the kids each picked out a veggie tales movie with which they will be bribed later today).

Then we went to Target....ahhh target. I miss you oh beacon of hope to the thrifty and fashion conscious...ok well at least thrifty. They had bunches of cute girl clothes which I stayed far away from..lest I be thrown into a rage at the US Embassy in Ghana and ruin my shopping buzz.

We spent $419. yeah! We bought cute furniture for the girl's room study nook, we bought backpacks for everyone, everyone got a toy for being good. By the time we were done it was 9pm. With squeaky breaks and a hilly, curvy 2 hour drive ahead of me I said ...look inn express. And we stayed at a hotel right by Target.

We all stayed up and had a slumberparty...watching Nickelodeon...we watched True Jackson and then Back to the future 2. Ben drifted off first at like 1230, then zeb around 1245 and Lilianna fought hard until about 130. At 7 we woke up ate little breakfast and scooted home fast. We managed to somehow make it home, unload furniture and then make it to church by 10.

chocolate chip cookies are in the oven, kids are in bed and in an hour we have orientation at school. This has been a packed weekend..but lots of fun.

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