Saturday, August 21, 2010

Virtual Scream

I have had a pretty good day. Most days are pretty good...until I run across something that reminds me that my daughters have been waiting to come home since February.

When something reminds me that my own Government has had every piece of documentation they have requested for the last 13 weeks and they have not issued a visa for my daughters. In fact, they won't even respond to my emails. MY OWN GOVERNMENT is holding my daughters hostage.

MY OWN GOVERNMENT is punishing my family for some unknown reason. Other families have received visa's in 2 weeks of providing their I600 approval. Our I600 approval was cabled to them at the beginning of April.

We are being punished by the US Embassy in Accra and I don't know why because they won't reply to my emails.

We are totally powerless. There is no one to help us...there is no one we haven't written or called that will advocate for us. There is nothing we can do except pray that our daughters don't get sick while they wait for our OWN GREAT GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE to finally allow my daughters to come home.

If there is anyone reading this who feels moved to pray for us please do...please pray that our daughters remain safe and healthy and remember the love we have for them...please pray that the person in the US Embassy in Ghana that has stalled our paperwork is moved to finally approve our visas, please pray that my heart can find some peace while we wait...because there is not a whole lot of peace to be found in there right now.

I know intellectually that our visa's will come when they are supposed to but I also know that the enemy really does work in Africa - I have seen it. Some extra ammunition and prayers would definitely be appreciated.


Brand New Mama said...

You make a good point. JJ and I pray each night for the kids in Kyrgyzstan, but I forget there are so many others who are in the same situation. We will be sure to include you in our prayer!

Mala said...

Since when can someone work for US and NOT be accountable to anyone?!

And where do I signup for a job that I do not need to perform my duties, be unaccountable AND STILL REMAIN EMPLOYED!

I hope you find that peace and in the meantime, I hope a certain visa stamper gets their bum in gear!

Michelle said...

Mala...I heard that August is a slow month because they all get a month of this job sounds better all the Time!

Thanks for the prayers...they are sooo appreciated.

Hilary Marquis said...

I will be adding your girls to my very lengthy adopted kids in waiting list :)

Jackie said...

It's just not right :( Definitely sending good thoughts!!

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