Sunday, September 26, 2010

the front room

We have a lot of common living space in our house....a lot of it...and not a whole lot of bedrooms. Which is OK with me because I believe that bedrooms are for sleeping not for hanging out, doing homework in, hiding from the rest of your family in...etc.
Anyway...we have a front room near the front door that has a big stone fireplace in and archways into the foyer on one side, archway into the billiard room (ok it is a big fancy pool table that came with the house) on one side, and an archway into the dining room on the third side. The fourth side is the front of the house and there is a big window.
We threw some desks in there and a bookshelf and i have been telling myself that this is going to be our classroom when the girls get home. It is an eyesore.
So today I had my AHA vision moment for this room.
All of the desks and chairs come out..all of the pictures come off the wall and the ugly shoulderpad looking dynasty era curtains come down.

Our framed maps go up, the kid's framed pictures go up, big bright comfy chairs like this one...

go around the room with some tables like this one maybe...

A great big brightly colored rug, a book shelf and a book display case.
My motivation is the great big cool reading room your always wished your school library had when you were a kid.
We have a stuffy library upstairs if we ever need to get all stuffy on their brains.
I would love any suggestions you guys have about what cool things you would have liked to have had in the "great big cool reading room you always wished your school library had".


The Stevens said...

Yeah I have a confession here, I HAVE never dreamed of a reading room as a child or adult matter of fact i think i can honestly say I HATE READING...Always have and always will.....if i was voting, I say really cool 3D flat screen with big stereo and plenty of room to shake that bootie!! lol

TheHappyNeills said...

the coolest thing EVER in first grade was the porcelain bathtub filled with cushions/pillows for reading if you got done early with other work! probably not practical for a home, though, but it'd be awesome! :)

Michelle said...

Oh leigh...we have a room for that! Not 3D though just lcd..but a WII and that dance game and plenty of room for Keith to trip over his own feet!

By the totally have to fake liking to read so that you trick your kids into being studious! haha.

I love the bathtub idea but I have enough trouble getting my kids into the bathtub...couple it with homework and I have no chance!

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