Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homeschooling revisited...

So now I am starting to get excited that our daughters might finally be coming home soon. I know it may be premature...but come on...they became our daughters almost 8 months ago..they have to be coming home soon!

As I was driving to walmart tonight to get some diapers (oops ran completely out...not very good planning), I started thinking about how much I totally love the school my kids go to and that maybe instead of homeschooling for a year we should think about trying to get her into Wesley. While I was thinking about it I got that familiar feeling in my heart that I was thinking along the right lines. I love that feeling of being led down the right path. Of course, that feeling doesn't necessarily mean what you think it means...but it always means you should go that way...even if you don't end up where you think you are going to end up.

Keith is stressed out and he doesn't have any kids with him all day long right now...I don't think the right thing for us is to have the girls home all the time....Keith's head might explode. Not that he is weak or couldn't deal with it...I don't mean that at all. Obviously, I am the president of the Keith fan club!

I think it very likely that Alex will be at the first grade level and maybe she could be in Lilianna's split class with her. Zoe is another story though. I don't think that she should start at school with Ben and Zeb. She needs to stay home because she will definitely need to learn boundaries and manners. The early learning center is a free for all...I mean that in a nice supervised way...but very remniscient of Beacon House and I don't want Zoe in an orphanage -like setting all day long. I am thinking half days with Grandma if Grandma is up for it....I haven't talked to you about this grandma...I am freestylin here.

The biggest change in my thinking is that I think that Alex will be going to school. Although I was very excited about homeschooling. Maybe we will still get the curriculum and work through some of the stuff for fun anyway!

I am still getting together a package to send to my girls with another travelling family and I am excited to hear about their trip and how my girls are doing!

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