Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I hate stuff!

There is a great new post on the Amazima blog. It is the first one in a month and I always love to read about the amazing giving this young woman does 24 hours a day. I love to give and there is so much joy in giving. The only real giving I do right now is by giving money to the organizations I love. I want to have time to go do REAL giving...but I don't.

Why don't I? Because I have to work to pay for all of the stuff I don't need. The other day Lilianna was talking about money and she said.."what's so great about is just green. That's all green isn't that great". She is so funny and so right. Money is about what it can buy you.
We have bought a ton of stuff and so we are out of money and so I have to work to make more money. One of the reasons I took the job here is because it would pay enough money that keith wouldn't have to work and we would have more money to give and to save. We would have more vacation time with which we could travel and really GIVE of ourselves.

Now I am trying to find locum jobs during my vacation weeks, keith is looking for a job and we are trying to sell everything we have. I am not sure how we are going to sell the stuff, but we have to.

I am sick and tired of being a slave to money and there is no excuse for the horrible way we have managed our money. We suck and now that we are at rock bottom...we can work like dogs to turn it around and hopefully this time next year we will be able to go out to dinner!

I am not going to be ashamed of the fact that we made some ridiculously poor money choices since July - it happened and we made those choices based on good intentions. Now we just need to pull it together. We had been concerned for the last month about changing our behavior and we were working on it. We were doing a budget and trying to get the Dave Ramsay approach kicking. Then we got an unexpected bill of $29,000 for work on renovating a house. We had told them to warn us if the bill was ever going to be over $5,000 a month but then we had to speed up the renovation and apparently there was a a $24,000 miscommunication.

We are totally hosed. The house is mostly livable except for the master bathroom so if I ever get off of call tonight, Keith and I are going to see what we can do to make the house livable until we can finish the work ourselves.

I can't believe how hosed we are. We still have to come up with money to finish paying the girl's adoption fees and then money to travel with. I never in a million years anticipated that we could screw up money on this magnitude. It is truly amazing.

As always...I am optimistic. This is a giant $29,000 wake up call that we have got to get our money in order and I know it will be a blessing to us once we do it. This is probably just the thing we need to stop being wussy about our spending habits and get really, really, serious.

So look out comes the snowball..haha.


The Stevens said...

Funny post, because I felt that you jumped into our lives and just spewed it all out. I love giving as well. Its the core of who I am. As a CRNA life was good esp with 2 incomes, no kids.....the world was ours. As time went on, I wanted to do more. I knew as a MD I could give alot more financially and get some extra medical training for the mission trips thus the brilliant medical school adventure. Now looking back, not so sure that was brilliant. I sit here at 36 and I am different. I am about to become a mom for the first time, and i want to be there for my child. Looking back had we stayed the course, we would be totally debt free with our beach condo/big home paid for and i would have the luxury of working 2 days a week because I WANTED TO, not because I had to...thats not even looking at what my retirement (which is totally gone now) would have been. So many say TOLD you so, and they were right! But now we are here, and THANKFULLY we both have jobs in anesthesia where we can suffer through a few years of hard work and enjoy the fruit of our labor!!! Ray and I are trying our best to prioritize and stop spending to get back on tract so life is about the people in it not the job we are slaves to!!!! Just be thankful You have the means to get out of this!!!

Michelle said...

It is a total source of shame could I have been so stupid with money...but I was! I think this wake up call is totally a blessing and we will be able to whip ourselves into shape.
The thing I am carefull to not let either keith or I do is stew in our past choices that got us here....there is no blame and there is nothing that dwelling on the past will do except create bad feelings. So my rule is not to analyze, re-analyze and dwell on the past and be positive and excited about our new
"gazelle-like" intensity to get debt-free!
Your next 4 years will totally fly by - Leigh!

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