Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Fall!

The weather here is soooo beautiful. I had to go into work around 6 am to put in an epidural....which sucked. Then I got to go back at 10 for a c section....suckier! However...the weather was just beautiful. When I was heading home the last time around 1145 it was 63 degrees. The trees are just starting to lose their green and it is going to be a beautiful fall.

Since the end of May, I have had all of my stuff for my daughters packed in a little rubber maid container so that we would be ready when the visa's came. I ordered hair stuff and bath stuff and it has been sitting in that rubber maid container with the clothes I bought...the summer clothes. Now it is time to clean out the rubber maid container. I suppose I could buy fall/winter clothes...but what if I have to clean those out too next spring. I guess it is summer clothes all year round in Ghana so I don't have to be too depressed about long as we don't have to change sizes.

I have been waiting for my daughters to come home for 7 months. They became my girls in February and MY OWN government has kept them in an orphanage for the last 15 weeks...well longer if you count the time it took to get my I600 processed.

I like to think I am a good person, and I try to be happy for others when they are lucky...but if I hear of another family that waits only 2 weeks for their visa's my head might explode. There is talk of one of the agencies giving money to social welfare and lo and behold....the client's of that particular agency are having their documents reviewed first while those adopting through other agencies and independent adopters are being pushed to the back of the pile every time social welfare comes to the embassy to review visa documents. So, it really is hard for me to be excited when the visa's go to families who are adopting through that agency.

I am trying so hard not to be bitter. I mean, why are my daughters any more deserving than other children to get home? They aren't to the world...just to ME! I don't even think they are more deserving...but come on...we have been waiting for visa's a really long time. It was taking 4 days to get visa's one week before our approved 1600 got to the embassy.

We are getting alot done around the house to get ready for them to come home and that is a good thing. We are closing our pool on Thursday and my girls never got to swim in it this summer...Alex was so excited about swimming in the pool.

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