Thursday, September 2, 2010

The last couple of days..

A good mom would post photo's...but once again, I am having issues finding the hookie uppie thingy for the camera.
If I could post pictures...there would be a picture of Keith playing 1943 on our new Galaga machine and me playing Gyruss...which is basically Galaga except you go in a circle.
Then I would talk about how awesome my birthday was....well I can still do that.

I was post call and it was the kids' first day of school (yes I took pictures of them on their way to school too). So we woke up late because I was so tired that I turned off my alarm without getting up. Yet we still made it on time. Lilianna looked so cute in her little uniform jumper! We dropped the boys off first, their room is a big room divided into 3 sections by low shelves. Zeb ran right in and started playing. Ben through a very dramatic it is the end of the world we left hiim there anyway.
Then we took Lilianna one door down to her room where we met the only other girl in her class. We had met her over the summer at Cheerleading camp. Apparently all girls at the school are in cheerleading. By the time we were walking back by the boy's room...Ben was hamming it up and flirting with the teachers...that boy is going to be dangerous.

I still cry dropping my babies off...I think keith cried too...FOR JOY!

We met with the architect for a couple of hours and walked around the house and talked about plans for it. It is going to be a huge (use decoder ring to translate into ridiculously expensive) remodel...yikes.

We also went down to the A Frame and talk about things like windows, doors, lights, bathroom and kitchen stuff. I can't believe the amazing turn around in the was frightening before and now it is totally amazing.

We had to rush to pick up the kids and then we came home for a couple of hours and then our awesome housekeeper/babysitter kept the kids while we went to Lowes for a while and then to a membership class for our new church.

It was a great birthday...oh yeah and many games of galaga were played

Today we picked up Lilianna at school and she told me that one of the boys in her class was about to be her boyfriend...maybe tomorrow. Apparently he has silver teeth (a little dental rehab) and silver teeth means you are nice. I reminded her no boyfriends until she is 12yo. She also got 2 invitations to birthday parties this! Of course I am on call so hopefully I will not be at work. Although....having something to do actually kind of guarantees that I will be at work all weekend long.

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