Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long weekend

I am second call this weekend so I have to stay within 20 minutes of the hospital. Friday night, I was working all night so Keith had to take Lilianna and the boys to a birthday party. Today she had another birthday party and I am not at work...but it is about 35 minutes from the once again...Keith had to take Lilianna and the boys to a birthday party at the bowling alley and I had to stay home.

While I would have preferred to go...I did get to do some long overdue organizing and settling in in the girls' room. It took me 2 straight hours to clean out the closet and the dresser. Our awesome housekeeper has the out of sight, it is put away mindset. Which works usually...but it ended up with Lilianna's closet becoming a total disaster zone and that won't work with 2 more girls moving into that of whom is 2yo.

So the room is now almost ready for the girls to come home. We need a couple of pictures on the wall, another lamp, and some curtains. We will have to move some of the smaller toys out of the closet...Lilianna is obsessed with the littles pet shop things...which are cute but small. As soon as we get the library up and running some of those small toys are going to make it over there with the puzzles. thinking is that if we get the house totally ready our girls will get visa's. So, but my calculations we need to finish a couple of projects.

1. we have to remove an old jacuzzi from the game room and put floor over it
2. build shelves in the Phoenix room to put toys
3. knock down the crazy patio thing and build the swing set

You may notice that all of the things that need to be done are to be done by Keith....who is right now sick my poor baby!

The weather is beautiful and the kids are in school all day so as soon as he is feeling better he is going to be a project list destroyer! This huge to do list would definitely be hard to tackle with 2 new daughters home with him.

I have a list too and I am looking forward to knocking some stuff out too...but none of my stuff is as difficult as Keith's so it can be done slowly with kids all over the place.

In fact, it is just about time for the seasonal clothing swap. Which makes me amazingly sad because all of the clothes I have packed to take to Ghana to get the girls were summer clothes and now they will not be used. I have to start looking for fall clothes...although I have decided I am not buying any more clothes until we get visa's. I thought I was safe to buy summer clothes when our immigration approvals made it to Ghana in March. Just a reminder that my daughters have legally been my daughters for over 7 months and I can't get them home because my OWN government is refusing to process our paperwork.

I am rambling....instead I am going to start cleaning the playroom.

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