Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pictures around the house...

So we are not travelling anytime soon to get our daughters...but another Beacon House family is travelling (Apparently their dentist reads my blog at times....HELLO CINCINATTI!) and they have agreed to bring some things to our girls...so this weekend O was in town and we took some pictures around the house to send with our package. We ran around and took pictures and as I downloaded them to pick the ones to send ...I realized that there is something creepy in every single one!

Number one....creepy picture behind my head...YIKES! It is almost Halloween...but this bad boy is up all year long. The green is actually copper....scary pictures but cute kids!

OK Dome climber isn't scary...but that is outside.

I knew when we took this that I wouldn't send it to the girls because even I know suit of armor is a little creepy...but come on...what a picture! Out other suit of armor is more ornate...I think I like the other one better.

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