Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday pictures...

We had a great Saturday. Flag football every saturday and Lilianna is a flag football cheerleader so off we go every Saturday and boy is it fun. We play right in front of the school and there is a great big field that the kids run around in...of course digging in rocks is always fun....
Mud is fun too!

Go Lilianna....she has a super loud voice and yelled "WESLEY CHRISTIAN...HI MOM!"
Of course, the timeliness and focuss-edness of the pictures proves that I did not take Thank you Sabrina for the awesome pictures...that I stole off your facebook page!
If only Sabrina had come to the fall festival at St Francis with us we would have pictures of Zeb's face painted like a puppy with purple hair and fingernails and Lilianna's face painted like a bunny with rainbow colored hair and pink fingernails. We had tons of fun there too!
It really has been a great Saturday!

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