Tuesday, September 7, 2010

taking a break

I have so many things to be thankful for...seriously, everyday I am thankful for like every aspect of my life.
But I am getting bitter. I am getting more and more bitter everyday about this wait for visa's. I am having a very difficult time being happy for other people and a very difficult time not getting bitter. I know I am blessed and I just have to take a deep breath and start counting the ways and then realize how totally ridiculously petulent I am being.

Seriously, I am lucky and if the worst thing that happens to my family this year is that we have to wait 4 months or 6 months for visa's it is still a good year.

It is much easier to tell myself that when I am not constantly looking at things on the internet about adoption...so I am taking an internet hiatus.

If you feel like sending me an email to say hello and what's up...I would love to hear from you...but I am not checking facebook, I am not checking any Ghana blogs and I am not going to blog at all for at least a week. I know that is not huge...but it is just a small break.

3 minutes later:
I logged off and checked my email before heading to bed and there was an email from Worldvision with the subject "Can we pray for you?". Ummmm....yeah. So I hit the link and sent them a prayer request! Somehow I don't feel as alone at the end of my rope-ness.

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