Monday, September 13, 2010

What's going on around here.

My parents got here on Sunday...yeah! Their house isn't done so they are staying with us...and so are their 2 dogs and a cat. We have bargained as a family that we are not going to do inside my parents inside animals are causing quite a stir in the house.

I don't know if I have blogged about all of the trouble we have had with our house and water leaks. Keith will find a puddle of water in the basement and then spend the next 2-3 days trying to figure out where it came from. I keep telling him at least he knows where the puddles of water are coming from in the media room (drool!). For some reason he doesn't laugh as hard as I do at that joke! In all seriousness, we are very excited they are here. We used them for babysitting tonight while Keith and I went to the store.

We decided to go to the walmart 30 minutes away because the lines are always shorter and they have better stuff to choose from (believe it or not). As we were loading the car I got a call from my mom to let me know that Benjamin was throwing up. YIKES...he is my kid that never throws up.
So we got home around 8 and he was just pathetic. Our pediatrician's office is open until 9 so I called them and asked if we needed to bring him in or if they could call in some Zofran. The nurse took my pharmacy and my number and then called me back at like 845 and said...they didn't want to call anything in because the pediatrician didn't feel comfortable calling in zofran for him...I'm like...whatever...I will call it in. Seriously, it isn't like zofran will hurt might not help but it isn't going to do anything. It is probably some cross cover part-timer who has been out of residency 20 minutes. Luckily, Ben quit throwing up and I didn't have to do my usual call the pharmacy and ask for the dose and then prescribe it is a good thing I have so very little pride! By the way...I don't have anything against part timers...I someday hope to be one! haha.
Tomorrow is a field trip to the zoo for Ben and Zeb and now Ben is taking a field trip to the dr....and Zeb has to go to the circus without Benjamin...luckily Grandma is here to take Zeb to the circus while Keith tkes Ben to the doctor.

2 of our cats went to the vet today too....Bootsy quit putting weight on her back leg and turns out she had a bite and so now we get to irrigate her back leg twice a day and give her antibiotics. jeb apparently burnt the bottoms of all of his feet on something...likely the car engine so he needs antibiotics and a little kittie foot wash twice a day.

I don't know if we are on the downhill slide of everyone getting sick or not. My suspicion is that everyone will be throwing up by this time least all of the people. I am looking forward to that...that is a great HELLO to grandma and poppy!

In other visa news....oh wait there isn't any! Maybe next week. Although I will admit I am really jealous of all the people that get to travel and pick up their babies. I want to be making travel plans and buying clothes that I am sure my daughters will get to wear. All I can do is wait. Although I am really excited that people are getting visa's again and I might actually get an update on my I haven't gotten any word or picture or anything even remotely considered an update on their health, condition etc in over 4 I am excited to get anything.


TheHappyNeills said...

I so hope you hear something soon about visas or an update on your girls!!! boo! :(

Tapsalteerie said...

Hope everybody stays well! Never fun to deal with sick kids :(

I'm seriously hoping you hear something (ANYTHING!!!) about your girls soon!

Sorry to hear about the kitty problems... I hate having to do at home vet care on cats... they're rarely cooperative.

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