Friday, October 15, 2010

bad blogger...

I hve gone an entire 5 days with no blogging...bad blogger! There is nothing too exciting going on around here this week...mostly waiting for next week!

We had a clean a thon at the beginning of the week and the house has stayed manageable all week...that is a miracle! haha.

The biggest miracle this week is that I passed my board I am one step closer to being a board certified anesthesiologist. The oral exam is all I have left and that will be either in April or the fall...likely the fall.

Zeb and Ben got haircuts. I will have to get some pictures. We were sitting at dinner and Keith and I starting commenting that Ben looked like he had a mullet. He did have a mullet..I don't know who we were kidding. Jessica (our super awesome neighbor who is buying our house in Alabama) used to cut Ben's hair and his hair is really thick and bodifull(a word?) so she would layer it and style grew out into a mullet. So before getting down from dinner...I chopped the mullet it is not straight and yes...if you look at it looks like maybe Ben did it himself...but there is no longer any hit of mullet-ude.

So then Zeb got a haircut by dad and his clippers. You might notice that dad shaves his own head so I am not sure why I thought he would do anything different with Zeb's hair. Poor zeb is like that poodle that gets the summer buzz cut...only it is just getting cold and his little ears have no protection at all. I am not a fan of the zebby buzz cut and he will not be getting it again even if I have to beat dad away from him with a hairbrush and a spritzing bottle. However, Zeb loves his haircut and walks around telling everyone how daddy shaved the hair from around his ears. I guess Iam lucky that Keith didn't shave a lightning bolt or nike symbol into the side of Zebby's head.

The best part of the haircut night was when Lilianna freaked out with jealousy that Zeb didn't have any hair anymore and asked Keith to cut her hair....Lilianna is not a fan of keeping her hair brushed! She was totally serious about shaving it off...I am definitely going to have to keep an eye on her...she has crazy hair ideas encoded in her dna!

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