Monday, October 25, 2010

Gotcha morning....

I will upload pictures later...the girls and Keith are taking a nap before ou ovenight trip home.

We got to Beacon House a little late (we are consistent with that!) and Alex came running over in her school clothes to say hello and even Zoe walked towards us. We sent Alex back to school and Zoe got a quick bath and changed into her new outfit we brought. The shoes we brought are about 3 sizes too big. We just kind of guessed that she and Ben would wear the same size...but they don't.

We met with Bernard and got all of the original documents they had been using to gather all of the priceless pieces of paper in our sealed immigration packet and signed the discharge paperwork. Then we took a ton of pictures.

Around 11, Alex took a shower and changed and all of the kids met in the big living room of the house for the ceremony. I cried like a baby. All of the kids gathered around with Alex in the center and Momma Shelter led the ceremony by asking the kids if they knew what they were doing...and they all hollered out...praying. She asked why? and the she told them that when your friends are leaving you pray for them to be well...
So then 7 of the older children took turns praying for Alex and for Zoe....they spoke so softly that I couldn't hear what all of them said.
After the prayer they all sang a song and hugged Alex, Zoe, keith and I. Some of the kids were crying.....I am sure they were crying for many different reasons. Some were crying because they were going tomiss Alex and Zoe...some were crying because they were tired of waiting for their own prayer ceremony.

I know that I was crying because there were so many little children that my daughters would miss, and for many of those daughters became another person they cared about that was leaving their life. So much loss and sadness in the world. I was also crying because this is what meant my daughters were really coming home. As I type this...of course I am crying again...this is what mom's do right?!

We went to Simple Brother's for lunch and brought them the pictures we took last time of them. Then we ate and Alex watched her favorite movie on the computer....Barbie and the Diamond Castle....while Zoe took a nap. After the movie, Alex crashed too and Zoe is still asleep.

We leave for the aiport in 3 hours and we are all packed. I am hoping the kids sleep for a while longer so that they are well rested and pleasant for the check in and waiting. Our flight leaves at 11pm and then I would love them to sleep.

I just acquired my no caffeine I will be glad when we get to the airport and I can get a coke!

Next blog post will be from home (I hope!)..and i will post some pictures.

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Cindy LaJoy said... glad this day has finally arrived for you all! Thanks for keeping us updated. Praying for an easy return.

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