Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meeting new sisters

We got home around noon and my parents stopped by to pick up the mini van and meet the girls. Then they went to pick up Zeb, Ben and Lilianna from school.

I was changing Zoe's diaper when they got here, the kids all came in and shyly said Hi to Alex and then came into the next room where I was. Ben was just excited to see me and gave me a big hug. Alex and Keith were playing on the thomas train table and Zeb and Lilianna went and started playing with them. Zeb said "I like your bracelets, Alex" and Alex just smiled shyly. Lilianna is such a social butterfly and immediately engaged Alex....want to play with wedgits...this is how you do it. Then she asked Alex if she wanted to go play in their room. When Alex and Lilianna left the room, Zeb turned to me and said "Don't worry mom, Alex is just kind of nervous".

I do think that Zeb felt a little bit left out - despite his startling insight. Zeb was sooo excited to have new sisters. I am not sure if Zeb or Lilianna were more excited. Zeb started playing with Zoe and ..as you all know....Zeb is about 2 years older than Zoe so he couldn't figure out why she wasn't playing with him like another 3-4 year old does. I was reminded today...again....how completely sweet and loving my little zebby zeb is most of the time.

The kids also bought a cake that said Welcome home to our sisters Alex and Zoe. We had jambalaya tonight and introduced the kids to hot dogs...one of the staples of the diet here at the cox-byrne house. The kids seemed to go to bed really easily tonight....the night is young though!

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