Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Glamorous life...

So...the real reason I wanted a big family was the glamour. Seriously, what is more glamourous and changing dirty diapers every 20 minutes? What is more glamourous than cleaning up the same room 5 times a day? What is more glamourous than being so exhausted that you can't even find the energy to pull together a new outfit (that hasn't been worn every day for the last 3 days)...ok...I only own like 2 pairs of pants that aren't scrubs and I still can't come up with a new outfit.

I never knew how difficult it was to sweep, cook, do laundry etc with a 2 year old wrapped around your left leg. I am exhausted. I am doing everything wrong...seriously. I read all the books - yet I am sure I am doing everything wrong. OK everyone is mostly happy and mostly following the rules of the house...but I am still sure I am doing everything wrong.

I felt totally sick today most of the day...maybe because I am overtired, maybe because I am a little jet-lagged, maybe I have malaria since I totally forgot to take my malarone yesterday and didn't remember today until like 5 minutes ago (OK I really doubt that...). My point is I am a mess and that is the opposite of GLAMOROUS!

Yes...I know I should be posting how perfect everything is and then finally post my pictures....but come on...I can't even remember if I brushed my teeth today...I am a ways from posting pictures.


Shannon said...

I hear ya, sister! Don't be so hard on yourself - it WILL get better! Just love them and be patient - a little clutter and dirt never hurt anyone. ;)

Michelle Johnson said...

Welcome home. One day at a time sister :)

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