Thursday, October 7, 2010


Things to do...things to do! We have entire rooms of our house that are not fully unpacked even though we moved like 3 months ago.

I can't even think about packing yet...I tried last night and just felt like I wasn't packing enough and too much at the same time. We are only going to be there 3 days. We leave Saturday night (Oct 23) and arrive on Sunday around noon. We can visit the girls between 4 and 6 pm.

On Monday we will have their going home ceremony and 330 and then they will come home with us.

Tuesday our flight leaves Accra at 11pm and arrives in Washington DC at 6am and then we arrive at our nearest airport at 10ish on Wednesday morning...a 2 hour drive home and we are home for lunch on Wednesday Oct 27th.

So really HOW much do we need to pack. I don't know sizes of clothes so I am going to pack an assortment of sizes for Zoe...she was wearing 9mo clothes in February...but she looks a lot bigger I am going to bring 2 summer outfits each at 12m and 18m and one 24m. I am going to bring 4 wintery outfits (2 18m and 2 24m) and one pair of jammies.

I have no idea what size Alex is in ...she was in 7/8 in February and anyone who has bought clothes of that size lately will notice that there is no 9/ jumps from 7/8 to 10/12. It is very frustrating. So I have 2 pairs of pants in the 10/12 family and 4 pants in the 7/8 family because I think it will fit her better...she is so slim but very tall. She asked for red dresses...I am not entirely sure why...but we have 2 red dresses for her.

We have the dolls we bought like 6 months ago and some Uncle Funky's Daughter curly magic, a tangle teezer is on the way (I had to buy blue because they were out of pink!), a little lavendar lotion pack from Carol's daughter and some diapers for Zoe.

We are ready.....too bad I can't leave tomorrow! haha

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Mala said...

so excited for you!!!!!!!

yeah, what happened to size 9? What gives!?

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