Friday, October 29, 2010

a new day

Today I am like a new woman....clean clothes, brushed teeth. A trip to the Dr's office for the girls and then to Ben and Zeb's school room for a halloween party. They trick or treated to all the classrooms of the olders kids. They were both dressed as cute. We went for the halloween parade and party.

When the boys got to Lilianna's classroom she was soooo excited to see them..."I am giving candy to my cute brothers" she hollered and then ran up and hugged them. Then she saw we were there with her sisters and she was even more excited and gave alex a great big hug.

Then we went back to the baby room and the stickifying sugar hep up began. Yikes....when is that sugar crash supposed to be?

This morning we did some work on basic math with some flashcards, a little bit of geography with Alex. She did NOT want to do any schoolwork today...that girl is stubborn and melodramatic when she wants to be that is for sure!


Shannon said...

YAAY - So glad you had a great day. It's amazing what clean teeth can do for a girl! How long are you off work?

Michelle said...

Ah the power of fresh breath! haha. Also, our cleaning lady came today...that probably helped the most!

Megan, aka LadyofMoonlight said...

I'm glad you're having a better day! This all really brings me back to when we first got home from Ethiopia with my first son. I was jetlagged for a few weeks (and got a flu during that time). It was a really hard time and I felt like we were failing in all areas... and we only had one kid! You'll all do fine, just take everything one day at a time with the understanding that everything takes awhile to settle in.

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