Saturday, October 16, 2010

one week

I am on call this weekend and so far it has been great. One epidural and no cases (yet!). As I was driving back from the hospital I drove by the turn off to Charleston, WV. That is where we are flying out of in one week.

I am having a hard time believing that we are actually going to go pick up our daughters in one week.

The weather is soooo beautiful. I took some pictures of the mountains from our yard that I will have to download and post...but everyday the colors get more and more beautiful.

I am just kind of stream of consiousness-ing here....but just wanted to say that i am sooo excited to have real travel dates. We have our flight's booked, I have a big pile of stuff in the corner of my room to pack, and I am getting ready to start my to do list. I have to call in our malarone and get our travel first aid kit together, make our packing list and then pack clothes etc. I have to decide what we are going to try to bring for Beacon House. Have to make doctor's appointments for the girls, double check that our new health insurance has the right info.

I want to double check that the girls' room is ready, I want to look through my Global Mama's cookbook and make some things on Friday that will keep in the fridge until next week after we are know like peppe sauce.

I am still working on what we should bring to keep the girls occupied during travel. Keith and I have been very preoccupied this month with all kinds of stressful situations and now some of them are finally starting to ease off and I can actually enjoy the excitement of bringing home my babies! to make lists, find my cookbook, go through my packing pile...hopefully I won't have to go into the hospital!

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