Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday morning flag football

We went to flag football this morning for Lilianna to cheer and there were 2 other girls there to cheer and no coach. So ...yes... I stepped in and did some cheerleading coaching. It was pretty funny..I even did a cartwheel. I haven't done a cartwheel in several decades. I do think I pulled something...but I didn't fall on my head. I thought it would hurt my wrists - but it did not. So maybe I will work on my cartwheel some!

The girls cheer for about an hour and then we headed home for lunch and playing outside. The kids are watching finding nemo right now. I have probably seen that movie about 300 times (without exaggerating) and I still cry at the part when the pelican flies in and tells Nemo how his dad is battling sharks and jellyfish and swimming all the way to Sydney to save him. Don't we all want our children to know what we would do to save them? Don't we all hope that we would do what Nemo's dad does to get to Nemo? Anyway - I love that part and I cry like a baby! haha.

My parents are stopping by tonight and bringing us KFC...yummm. I bet they will do some other very important things Laundry..since our rip off contractor lied about plumbing the closet they were supposed to use as a laundry room!

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