Monday, October 4, 2010

The weekend

We worked a lot this weekend. We are trying to get my parents house move in-able. There are so many things I would like to get done before they move in...but we are not going to get there. I really wanted everything to be finished before they got here...but it wasn't and I wanted everything to be done before they moved in...but it won't be. I really feel like the contractor we used totally hosed us.

It kind of goes along with how I feel the US Embassy in Accra has hosed us. But...what can I do? The family that is in Ghana right now...the family that went to court on the same day as us...has a blog and they posted a picture on their blog of their familiy hugging and goofing around. My daughter is at the side of the picture just watching them. When I look at that picture my heart just breaks thinking that she is wondering why we aren't there too. I am amazed at how our lives just keep going on....going to flag football, making plans for school events, putting in vacations requests etc...while my daughters are sitting there and I don't know when I will be able to bring them home. It is kind of surreal.

Our POA has an appointment tomorrow and three things could happen:

1. they look at the evidence, approve it and issue visa's for Friday
2. they take the evidence and say they will get back to us...and we wait for like 4 more months to hear anything
3. they look at the evidence and say it is insufficient and they need more evidence

I am not entirely sure what further evidence we could provide - they have a death certificate, interviewed the familiy, have an affadavit from the head of her family, and all the hospital bills.

I will just wait until tomorrow and see what happens. When we went to court in February, I never ina million years thought I would be praying they would be home by Christmas. It is becoming increasingly difficult to not be depressed about something in every aspect of my life right now and that stinks!

I think I need some more coffee! Coffee makes things better if it has French Vanilla creamer in it!

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