Sunday, November 28, 2010

change of plans

So I didn't actually go and frost Zeb's puzzle cake last night....I went to bed. It was very nice. Of course when I woke up at 5 am and my husband and daughter still weren't home it was difficult to get back to sleep! They finally made it by 530 am and I swear this...never again will I let my husband make that kind of plan again. EVER!

I didn't sleep very good and pulled myself out of bed to get to the soundcheck by 9 this am at church. It was the big debut of the praise big..I mean we did one song! But we did have a fog machine - does that count as pyrotechnics? Zoe was up and wondering the halls when I got up so I just got her dressed and took her with me. She did really good she just kind of hung onto my leg while we practiced and then ran around all cute. Deborah took a cute picture of us as we were waiting for church to start. Well, at least it is a cute one of Zoe! haha.

She definitely spends more time with that little sparkle in her eye than she used to!

I remembered the song and didn't fall down in the middle of it so it's a win for me! haha. I really am enjoying playing so I am looking forward to Wed nite practice and playing next Sunday.

Today is Zeb's birthday so after church we went to McDonald's. Now that we are all dave ramsay financial peacing...a trip to McDonald's really is a big deal! The kids played for a little over an hour and had a great time. We got home around 230 and I still had to frost Zeb's cake. It took me a while. I don't really know how to decorate cakes - but I do a pretty good amatuer job...nothing good enough or bad enough to be on cake wrecks. Although the first birthday cake I made for Zeb was a lion and I unthinkingly placed the giant one right in the ummmm...groin? of the lion (see it here!). Still not really cake wrecks material. We did take pictures, but since my computer died I am at a loss on what to do with them!

We barbecued...which is always fun when it is super cold or rainy out since our grill is INSIDE in a little built in pit in the phoenix room...LOVE IT! Then opened presents...Zeb got a ton of cars things...because he just loves cars...still. He also got a Toy Story 3 leapster 2 game which made Ben run around going "Buzz Lightyear...I'm buzz....zzzzzzzzz" insert 2 year old holding his arms straight out in front of himself bearing down and gritting his teeth (trying to fly). I was worried he might valsalva himself into unconsiousness.

Then it was off to bed. It was a pretty good day! I am on call tomorrow so I don't have to go into work until 11. I promised Lilianna I would take them to school tomorrow though so I am going to have to get my exhausted butt out of bed. Which is probably where I should put it now!


MiddleClass Mama said...

I'm glad to see you all are doing so well! If we ever decide to take a break and do a road trip, we are going to stop in and watch you play that bass!!!

Michelle said...

Come on down! haha. The music director decided to change the key of a song we were playing and my chord sheet was a step too low. So he said..."just move it up one step to B flat". I just kind of stood there like a deer in headlights. It was fun.

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