Saturday, November 20, 2010

Class is in session

Ok - I just couldn't wait to dive into the Sonlight books so Alex and I started today. She seemed to stay a little more focused today with actual books in front of her. We didn't have any Math because we are still waiting for out math stuff to get here. We worked for just under 2 hours not including bible study and reading aloud book (Charlotte's Web!).

Zeb kept asking if he could get new schoolbooks and wanted to do Alex's workbook pages. I am in...the P4/5 looks pretty good. One of my favorite books of all time is on the reading list for that curriculum. It is one of Keith's too - we randomly hit upon the topic of that book when we were dating (ok we only dated for like 3 weeks - so not a lot of things fall into the category of things we talked about while we were dating!).
Before I start filling up our bookshelf with Sonlight curricula...I should probably wait and see if Keith likes it and if it works for us longer than one day!

Besides school today we had a pretty fun day. The weather was beautiful so we spent quite a bit of time outside. I managed to keep the house clean (it is a miracle) and everyone was in bed asleep by 8pm. Zebby is sick...he has a terrible cough, is uber run-down and has a little fever. If it were not Saturday night I would probably be preparing to take the little guy into the doctor tomorrow. I feel pretty confident he has a pneumonia...I hate trying to decide if I should call in an antibiotic for him. I would just rather take him to the pediatrician...but it is a Sunday tomorrow. UG! I will probably call in some high dose Amoxicillin. Maybe I will send my friend Ryan a message on facebook and see what she thinks I should do!

I am rambling so I should probably go to bed! Good night all...looking forward to day 2 of school tomorrow!


100 PT Tests said...

Sad. You didn't message me! If he does have pneumonia - amoxicillin is the right drug - Amoxicillin 80 to 100 mg/kg per day by mouth in three divided doses (maximum dose 2 to 3 g/day) for 7 to 10 days. Maybe he's better now, though, anyway.

Also, what is your favorite book that is also Keith's? I'm betting something sci fi like Star Trek - the novel series.


Michelle said...

100 pt tests...hahaha I think every time you comment you have a different name! I decided he didn't have pna...he actually has the flu - A, bronchitis and an ear infection. Poor zebby. Since i get an epic fail in the getting my kids the flu shot this year I anticipate 5 more little fevers and tamiflu in my near future!
The book is The Boxcar children...did you read that one - LOVE IT. There are only a couple of books I read as a child that I remember as vividly as that book.

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