Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I killed it...

I killed my computer. Yes, my husband will attest to it...I am a computer killer. This isn't the first computer I destroyed...but it is by far the cutest. My cute little pink acer is dead. keith may be able to bring it back to life...he is good like that!

I had my first practice with the new DCC praise band. Our director had sent me an email to practice one song .. so I practiced it and felt pretty comfortable with it. It was Matt Maher song "Love will hold us together"....great song! I showed up at practice and he handed me a chord sheet with the song in a different key...so the first time we played it through I kind of stood on the stage and fidgeted uncomfortably hitting one note...it was awesome. Then he pulled up the song in the key I had learned it in and said...oh we are going to do it in this key. So the next time through I was able to play it. I am so not a bass player yet! haha.

It was really fun though - I had forgotten how much I like to play with other people. I am really looking forward to this wednesday when we practice again. I am on 2nd call so I may not make it - but I am going to try really hard. We are working on another song...that I totally love...Chris Tomlin's Our God. I love the part "if out God is for us who can ever stop us and if our God is with us then who could stand against". I have been struggling to drop it a step... but I just got an email that he wants to play it in E (which I think is going to be easier..yeah me!)

We had a great weekend. O was here and Lilianna was at her bio dad's house. I think Lilianna had a good time and she came home with new shoes...yeah! She also amazingly didn't get into trouble at school on monday. Normally she comes back and her behavior is all out of whack...but she had really, really good behavior yesterday.

We have been having great luck with everyone going to sleep at night...except Benjamin of course who would rather eat nails than fall asleep and miss anything! He is still a huge struggle to get into bed...Lilianna was the same way.

We finally ordered our Sonlight Curriculum for Alex...I am so excited about that. We have been doing an hour or so of Time 4 learning with her a day to kind of get her used to doing school work and to keep school in her vocabulary so to speak. She is doing better with staying motivated and actually trying to do the work. She really wants to go to school with Lilianna so that is motivating!
I can't wait until the stuff gets here!

Lilianna and Alex got new bikes from Grandma and Poppy last night and I know that they are so excited to ride them today...it is real gloomy and rainy this morning so I hope it clears up before this afternoon. Lilianna has ballet tonight so she won't have much time to ride her bike anyway.

That's about all going on here right now...we are still plugging along with attachment with Zoe...but it is going amazingly well. Actually, even though I ranted a couple of days ago about being exhausted...our transition is going amazingly well. Don't get me wrong...there are still many moments of ummm...pandemonium...in my home - but overall, it could be soooo much worse and I am very grateful and feel very, very blessed that everything is going as well as it is! Of course, I am mostly well-rested and at work right now! haha.


MiddleClass Mama said...

Did you kill the computer like I killed my husband's alarm clock last year when it sounded every 5 minutes while he was in the shower and even after he left for work?...Or is it more of a technical issue? LOL!

Michelle said...

haha...it was more involuntary computercide! I was carrying it to the kitchen while I was listening to a song on youtube and it started literally shaking/vibrating and the screen went black with a repeating line of green words that said something like....."this computer is fatally jacked up"...haha.

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