Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just to clarify...

The girls are doing remarkably well...much better than I had anticipated actually. Everyone is sleeping well at night and eating well and starting to laugh more and just be happy more. We are not trying to run a full school schedule for Alex or anything crazy like that. We are reading books and doing Time 4 Learning because our other kids think that online site is fun and it is educational too so that is obviously a plus!

Today, Alex and Lilianna spent time hanging out in a fort they made in their room reading and Alex is getting a lot more excited about reading mostly because Lilianna is infectiously in love with reading and it is contagious.

I ventured out with the girls today to a birthday party for the only other little girl in Lilianna's class. It was kind of a bold move - I took all three girls to the party. It was at a photography studio. When the guests got there everyone got little cheap black tank tops, tiara's, feather boa's and put their name on the list for makeup and photo shoot. Alex and Lilianna both were models for the afternoon and Zoe just cuddled with me (we had one melt down which resolved rather quickly).

We really pushed our luck by eating dinner at my parent's house after the party. When we first got there I was sure we had pushed the excitement of the day a little too far when Zoe had a melt down the first 5 minutes we were there. However, she pulled it back together really quickly. Today, I seemed to be able to work the meltdowns so they didn't last as long...we will see how my strategy works tomorrow I suppose! haha.

There are moments when I am exhausted emotionally and I just remind myself how lucky we are....

Now lets talk about skin lotion because I have got to find something that works on my daughter's skin! Suggestions?!


Hilary Marquis said...

The dermatologist had us buy Aquaphilic Ointment for Anara's skin. We've got eczema/dry skin issues and it works very well. Pretty thick stuff, but soaks in well and has no perfumes. You also might try looking at for some phonics/reading for the kids. Mia and Anara LOVE it!

Michelle said...

Thanks HIllary
I will try them both! Lilianna had starfall in her kindergarten class I remember her talking about it so I will definitely check that one out.

RylansMom said...

Use vasoline everyday...put it on thick and then kind of wipe off with a towel. Works great, my friends say!

Ashley said...

You may look into virgin coconut oil. It is used extensively throughout India and SE Asia and it is both moisturizing and antibacterial. I have been using it directly on my skin for several weeks now and love it. Just rub off any excess oil after about 10 minutes.


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