Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a quiet far

Keith is out of town this afternoon - home soon..thank goodness. He went to drop Lilianna off with her bio dad for a long weekend and to pick up O for a long weekend here. O doesn't have school Th and Friday so it is a good deal for us!

I got home from work around 1ish and watched Underdog with the girls and then Alex worked on some Time 4 Learning. She is zooming through the Kindergarten level stuff now that she has decided that learning is fun not work! At least the kindergarten stuff is fun. I think we could probably do first grade and start moving up...but I want to keep it fun and I think there are still some simple kindergarten type concepts that she hasn't been exposed to.

Zoe didn't get a nap today so she was starting to get a little tired when we headed out to get the boys around 4. We stopped at poppy and grandma's on the way home from school for about an hour and then headed home. Had some dinner (and there are lots of left overs...yeah!) and sat down to watch Cinderella at around 630. Ben and Zoe were out cold by the time it was over so I sent Zeb and Alex up to get ready for bed and then carried Zoe succesfully up and laid her down followed by successfully carrying Ben up and laying him down. Which means at 809pm all of my kids were in bed! WOW

SO for the last hour I have been practicing my best rock and roll moves with my bass....I mean umm...practicing ...ummm...some of the songs for the praise band at church. We have a brand new building and the first meeting for people interested in being in the praise band is tomorrow. I am not a real bass player - but it is fun and we will see what happens. Hopefully no one that is actually a real bass player will show up so I will be in! haha. It is amazing how easy it is to remember when to kick and jump in the is a lot easier to remember that than to remember what the notes are!

I always hate it when Lilianna leaves to go to her bio dad's - I miss her! It has been a really long time since she went to see him. She will come back on SUnday and then leaves again the following weekend for the week of Thanksgiving. Then she will be back and it will take us a month to get her behavior back to acceptable! She always backslides after visiting New Orleans. Maybe it will take less time to get her back up! We shall see. Be that as it may...she is the sweetest most compassionate little girl. I am such a lucky mommy.

Back to the bass....what fun. Of course it would be more fun if I wasn't huddled in the corner of my dimly lit (half of my light bulbs in the bedroom are burnt out!) bedroom with my computer playing songs at the most minimum volume audible.

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