Sunday, November 21, 2010

Small rant...

The church we went to in Birmingham was great - I really liked it. I had some spare time (believe it or not) and I wanted to get involved and do things at the church..but there wasn't a whole lot of opportunities that called to me.

My church here (what up DCC) is soooo totally fantastic and has things all the time that I really want to get involved in and participate in (like the Operation Christmas Child packing tonight)...but I have too many kids! haha. I don' t think I would have been much help if I had shown up with 4 kids (3 under 3yo!). I guess i should be thankfull that my husband lets me go to praise band practice once a week!

I wish I could go help with set up on Saturdays, I wish I could spend more time being involved there because it is fun. Things will be a lot easier in 2 years. Two 4 yo, a 5yo, 9yo and 11yo will be an entirely different story! I am way over diapers, bedtime battles and not being able to decipher 2yo speak. yes...I am over all of those things. When we were getting ready to move I was all sad and weepy about getting rid of baby clothes...especially the super cute preemie carter's puppy outfits that Benjamin wore..."oh no more babies - how sad" i said....yeah umm...not sad anymore! I can always give those as gifts.

Ok my rant about being a prisoner to my 2 year olds is least they are in bed and I have the luxury of time to myself to blog on the matter!

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