Saturday, November 27, 2010


I have had a really, really crappy week. The internet abounds with happy and gratefull posts...everyone is thankful for something and I am writing this post to remind myself that I am thankful for things too. This week has been crappy...did I mention that already!?

I could drone on and on about all of the things I have to complain about...but just know I am exhausted and even though Keith has let me sleep in at least 2 days in the last week - sleep is not changing my exhaustion level by much. goes the power of positive thinking.

I love my job...even when I am in a foul mood I recognize that this job I have is pretty sweet. I love what I do and the people I work with are pretty great, the hours are fantastic and I get paid pretty well. So that is a win in the job category and I am very thankful for that. I think there are very few people who enjoy their jobs as much as I do. Usually the people that enjoy their jobs this much work a lot more hours and are work - a- holics which is definitely NOT me!

I love my house. It needs some updating and there are definitely things I could complain about..but the kids get to drive their bikes up and down our long driveway and we get deer and turkeys in our yard all the time and rabbits and turtles and who knows what else. Our pool needs some updating but it was so awesome to spend time with my family in the pool and be able to see and hear the birds while floating in it. My house is a total win too. There are definitely things that could be improved upon...but the stuff that really matters...the location and the topography of the property is super wonderful.

I love my church. Everyone there is sooo super nice. Even though Keith and I are really shy and really overwhelmed by our kids right now...they still make an effort to include us in things. I get to play bass in the praise band which has been a huge source of joy in my life in the last 3 weeks. I forgot how much I totally love playing with people. Our church really cares about our community and has great projects we can get involved in...when our kids are not drowing us..haha. Oh yeah...and they have french vanilla creamer at the little coffee stand (love it!). Mostly I love the people, the messages are ones my soul needs and the community activism speaks right to my heart.

My husband is hot. That's right. I am still ridiculously in love with my husband after 3 1/2 years of marriage, I still like him and think he is a babe. I could complain about him all all wives could...haha....but I could never face a day without him. My husband is THE number one biggest blessing in my life.

My parents are right next door and that is awesome. My mom saved me from totally losing my mind tonight by laying with Zoe while I laid down with Ben so the 2 year old cry-off could cease before my head exploded. Then she hung out while I went to the store to buy the stuff to frost Zeb's birthday cake. He turns 4yo baby boy is so mature (and yet sooo not).

The kids...ok I am thankful for the kids and it is days like today I have to remind myself how much I love them and how cute they are. Seriously, today they were not so much with the cute. I know I am blessed with wonderful kids and when they work me as hard as they have been the last week I feel like I have been blessed with way more than I deserve. Ok that wasn't sarcasm in the way that I usually write it! What I mean is that I feel that I do not deserve to have these great kids - that they have gotten the short end of the stick! I am not nearly as patient as I need to be and as I should be. I sometimes imagine how awesome they would be with a good mother instead of one who barely gets by!

Ok...I am feeling a little bit better. I am exhausted, it is 11pm and now it is time to start decorating Zeb's birthday cake for tomorrow. I can't sleep anyway because my blessing of a husband spent 8 hours in Birmingham today playing at the mall with Lilianna and Owen and now won't be home until 4am. How am I suppose to sleep with 2 of the things I am thankful for are on the road (after being awake for 18 hours and only 4 hours of sleep the night before!).

So frosting, decorating and worrying. Also, church tomorrow is the big debut of the praise band so I have to be there at 9am for sound check and final practice.

I am thankful and lucky and grateful for all I have.

It may have worked.

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Shannon said...

So sorry you've had a rough week. We all have them and sometimes just getting it all of your chest can help. I'm here if you need to vent. You ARE a great mom! Your kids ARE super cute and wonderful! I cannot believe Zebby is 4 - how in the world did that happen??

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