Friday, November 5, 2010

Yes...we are still alive.....barely!

So today is my last day off of work - I head back on Monday. I really do like my job, but I wish I had a little more time to spend at home with my family - it has been nice and hard work of course!

Zoe's lovetank is on empty. She just follows me around and has to be in the same room with me at all times. This is much improved from touching me at all times a week ago. Sometimes I can leave the room to run get something as long as I am not gone too long. It is wearing me out. I don't mind it when we are out in public with just the girls because this type of child is way easier to handle in the grocery or the doctor's office. Someone asked me if she is this good all the time. You know sitting quietly on my lap playing with my hair and babbling to me and laughing. She is so good on the outside in those situations.

If she were the baby, the ONLY baby..then there wouldn't be any problems. But she is not - there is Benjamin who up until last week was my baby. My one and only little baby and he was a mamma's boy (in the good way...the independent do everything myself but love to give my mom hugs more than anyone else kind of way). Ben used to just say my name..Mommy, mommy, mommy and when I said "Yes Ben" he would say " I love you". He used to say "I Love you mommy" 50 times a day. Now he doesn't want me to change his diaper even and is hitting people at school and even spit on a little girls toy at school. YIKES!

Today, I dropped the kids off and Keith stayed with the girls and I just spent 20 minutes alone with Ben and Zeb at the school playing with them and cuddling with them. Benjamin finally started giving me hugs and kisses and saying "I Love you, mommy". The boys are just babies and the Zoe attention grab is really hard on them.

This evening Benjamin wanted me to carry him so I picked him up and sat him on my lap on the couch. Zoe was across the room and saw Ben in my lap and came running over and crying in her super annoying to the point of infuriarating two tone whiny cry (no seriously...let me tell you how I really feel about that is working me..please pray for me!). I kept holding Ben and Benjamin said "No mommy...Zoe on your lap instead...I like this pillow" and scooched off and laid his head down on the couch pillow and patted it. I tried to move him back onto my lap but he said...NO MOMMY - ZOE Lap. My poor babies...all of them...I need more mommy and bigger lap! So I am eating more M and M's to do my part! haha.

Alex is a challenge in a whole different way. One of her BH classmates is in about 2nd grade per her mommy..but after working some with her...she is about Kindergarten and totally and completely uninterested in learning. In fact, after working with her for 2 hours on very simple concepts - she told Keith that she didn't want to learn anything. She puts forth zero effort most of the time. She has very limited reading..she can sound out very simple words but if it gets even remotely difficult she just starts guessing and completely quits trying to actually read the word. We are using Time4Learning and if we don't go through every little exercise with her she just starts clicking and doesnt even try to listen or answer the questions. She is sooo sweet and sassy and I know she is smart..we just have to figure out a way to motivate pray for her education motivation too!

Today was a good day mostly. Everyone has been going to bed the last two night so that is a total blessing...I hope I didn't just jinx the rest of our weekend!

Zoe's stool came back with Giardia and Campylobacter. Campylobacter is reportable to the CDC so I am expecting a phone call from the CDC any day now.HAhahaha. Campylobacter is one of those bacterial infections you get with food poisoning. I seem to recall it is the one you get from the egg salad at the 4th of july family reunion picnic. I could be wrong...if anyone is studying for USMLE step 1 or 2 you can correct me! haha.

I am off to balance checkbook and see how bad it!


Mary Theresa said...

campylobacter is from improperly cooked poultry, unclean water, or unpasteurized milk. treated with clinda in kids, but is self-limiting in 1-2 weeks. the egg salad one at family picnic is s. aureus! =) oh how i love when this knowledge is actually useful

The Stevens said...

not studying for step 1 or 2 but Campylobacter jejuni is from raw Chicken exposure, water/unpasteurized milk!!! Egg salad is Staph.......

Hang in there with those babies, it just takes time!!!

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