Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I should have posted a couple of days ago...but I haven't downloaded pictures...how unlike me...I know. I still haven't downloaded pictures but we all know how long that can take! haha.

Christmas was surprisingly orderly and exhausting. On Christmas eve we watched some of the Rankin and Bass classics and had hot chocolate...old fashioned milk and Hershey's heated up in a pan with marshmallows and whip cream. The kids went to bed around 8...except O of course...O and his dad stayed up playing in his room until 10pm when I finally had to put an end to that. So then there was about 7 hours of putting things together and wrapping the last of the presents. We watched Holiday Inn and WHite CHristmas...Holiday inn is my favorite...although I enjoyed WHite CHristmas more this year than in the past...I must admit.

Around 5am when we were finally finishing putting things together and started laying things out...we saw Alex peaking through her window into the Pheonix room where the Christmas stuff was. We had told all of the kids to stay in bed and not look out of their rooms..I know it is hard for kids to do that...but she had to climb up on top of an armoir that is in front of the glass door from the girls room to the Phoenix room...on top of a 7 foot armoir to look out a window. UGGGG!!!!

We finally got to bed around 530 and my parents got here at 7 to open presents..I was hoping to sleep in a little bit longer...but Keith was ready to go...so up we got and brought kids down. We headed out to the phoenix room and all the kids found their Santa presents (they each got 2 unwrapped santa gifts that were set up waiting for them). They played with their Santa gifts while my mom and I made breakfast and Keith started a fire.

After breakfast, we all went to the tree and everyone picked out one gift and we took them back to the fireplace in the adjacent room and took turns opening gifts. After everyone was done with that gift we went back and got another. We took a diaper changing break and Keith took toys out of boxes for kids. It was remarkable organized....way less pandemonium than Christmas 2 years ago when we had Lilianna, O, Zeb and Baby..baby Ben.

I got a super killer book display stand for my dream children's reading room from Santa...now I just have to get that room rolling...I got Sattelite radio for the house and my car...yeah...now I can listen to some new Contemporary Christian music...I love the songs on my ipod..but I was getting a little tired of the same songs. I can't get the local Christian Channel at our house or in the car. In continuation of a long standing tradition...Keith and I got each other the same DVD...Caprica...I can't believe that show got cancelled...it was a good show.

Alex's favorite present was a little doll that has a bottle, eyes that close and open and it makes sounds like gaga goo and waaaaa. It is a classic and she loves it.

Lilianna's favorite was Squinqies and the nintendo ds game mama's cookin.

Zeb's favorite was his bike ( a car's bike) or any present that belonged to any of the other kids. Every 10 minutes he was bringing someone else's gift to us and saying "will you open this for me"...ummm No Zeb it's not yours.

Zoe's favorite gift is a plate of plastic vegetables that you can cut in half with a plastic knife.

Ben's favorite gift is a buzz lightyear. Although he also got a Larry Boy hat that looks like the top of larry boy's head with super suction ears...and that is MY FAVORITE gift Ben got. He is so funny wearing it singing the Larry Boy heavy metal song by SHux. haha

I am not sure what O's favorite gift was...once they are all preteen...it is probably hard to tell! haha. Keith says it was a game...4 way chess.

Keith's favorite gift was the Pacific DVD ...of course I just turned and asked him what his favorite gift was so he kind of had to tell me it was one of the ones I got him! haha.

After we finished opening gifts, I started the turkey...13.8 lbs of deliciousness. I made stuffing this year for the first time too. After I put the turkey in....I took a nap! I was TIRED. We ate around 330 and it was delish. I have about one more leftover meal left and I am sneaking it work tomorrow for my lunch. I made some really delicious gravy too...yummmmm.

Christmas is really a haze of exhaustion...as it probably should be. We still haven't found places to put all of the new toys...so our phoenix room and the central living room with the fireplace is still a disaster zone. I am hoping to have caught up enough on my sleep to actually clean up the house for the new year.

On SUnday, Keith took Lilianna and O to Birmingham...O home and Lilianna to meet her bio dad. The snow kept him from making it home SUnday night. I was up all night with 2 sick little boys. My red chocolate cake was delicious going down...but a little disgusting regurgitated on Zeb's pillow! It was also the night our washing maching died....so I threw puke clothes and bedding in there and the washer didn't spin out the water....gross.

This must be the longest post ever....that was our CHristmas. Do I feel exhausted, overwhelmed by toys and dirty clothes...yes....but I feel really blessed to have my sweet family especially my mom and dad here to share all this fun stuff with us....and I am super blessed to have all that we have.

Now I am going to finish the dinner dishes and try to catch up on some more sleep! I am still soooo exhausted!

Friday, December 17, 2010

My little black dress

The first year Keith and I were married....2007, I bought a dress to wear to our Christmas parties..it was a size 4. Then I had Benjamin and drank a lot of 2 pump mocha's with whip cream. This April I had to dress up for my graduation party and my only party dress was too small....by a lot...like couldn't even get it on to try to zip it...so I had to buy a new dress.....it was a size 10.

Tonight, we went to my Christmas party. I had nothing to wear....nothing. The dress I bought in April was too spring-y....so in desperation I tried on the Christmas party dress of 2007....and it fit.

I knew I had lost 8 pounds since we started the Dave Ramsay Financial Peace budget a palooza...and my one pair of jeans (that are 10's) didn't fit well...but they were cheap and never really fit well. Apparently, walking 100 times a day from preop holding back to the or has paid off. woohooo.

The Christmas party was nice...it was very, very cold and we had to walk about 2 blocks from the car to the expo center. It was decorated nicely with a bunch of tables and they had a buffet with Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing...you know all the usual characters in a holiday meal. Keith and I sat alone at a table, ate talked a little bit and left. It was one of our most unsocial party every. Usually we at least sit with people we know but not tonight. We were there about an hour and a half.

...but at least i was size 4 for a couple of hours tonight. Now I have to go eat the rest of the chocolate chip cookies...hahaha.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I just love this picture

This is Ben's first picture after 33 weeks of waiting...2 years 5 months later...he is now this fiesty genius.

I love all of my kids - I love them all equally but differently. Benjamin is my baby. No matter how old he gets or if other kids come to our family that are younger than him....Benjamin will always be my baby! I just get reminded every once in a while how much I love my kids and love watching them grow into the crazy little guys they are meant to be. What joy this little boy brings me!

bits and pieces

I am on call today....the weather has been really crazy lately. School has been cancelled almost every day this week so we are on cabin fever overload. I was post call monday, came home sick on Tuesday, off on Wednesday and am on call today..so I have been home a lot this week too.

Keith and I went out to dinner last night which was totally awesome. My mom watched the kids while we went on a half date night. We haven't had a date night in almost 3 months...this is after we promised ourselves we were going to have one every week! We really, really, really have to find a way to do that. It was nice. We had been saving up our "date night" envelope money so we could go to the hibachi place and it was very tasty. Then we went to praise band practice. Keith used to work the lights at our old church so he is joining up with the sound/light team and went Wednesday night.

It was an intersting practice...I have been very frustrated lately at praise band. I am not really a musician, but I love to play and I really like the songs we are playing but I feel super inadequate. I am hoping that will change now that I know where to get the chord charts and I have figured out I need to practice everything in B and Bflat!

I think we are finally done with our Christmas shopping...although I can't be sure! I DO know that we have pretty much reached that window of things getting shipped here by Christmas.

Not a whole lot else going on. I was just glancing back at the last couple of posts and marvelling at how cute Benjamin is with that fork...and of course, how handsome my husband is. I am one lucky girl.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas pictures

This year is Zeb's turn to put the star on the christmas tree....I didn't realize it was a new family xtreme sport. Next year I am getting a harness.

We also hung stockings with care on the spiral staircase!

It was all around good fun! Every time I took a picture of something going on Ben and Zeb would both scream "take a picture of me!"...it was a little ridiculous...although they both are so cute it is hard to resist.
School is cancelled tomorrow because of the snow and the Christmas program scheduled for Wed has been rescheduled for next Tuesday...so I need to look at the call schedule and see if I can make it. UGGG. I totally had Wed off to go to the Christmas program and I am probably on call on Tuesday.
In other news...I totally have a miserable cold....I am going to go crawl into bed now!


All of the snow from last weekend melted over the week...the head melted off the snowman...but his body remained. Today, today it snowed and snowed and is still snowing.....we tried to do a head transplant....but the snow was too powdery! poor snowman. Lilianna tried her hardest...she kept in there the longest trying to roll a new head! So school was cancelled today and will be cancelled tomorrow. I don't remember getting school cancelled this much for such a small amount of snow! Oh well it is a little hillier here than in Kansas!

At dinner last night Benjamen threw a fit that he wanted a big fork not a baby fork...so this is what he got!

He means business.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

This was my favorite place today...

Chocolate chip cookies (a double batch with m and m's), a fire in the conversation pit and Christmas music piped around the house on our very decadent full house speaker system! We had a great weekend and now I have to go back to work tomorrow....oh well!

First Snow

This is the most snow my husband has ever seen. He "helped" the kids make a snowman. ahemmmm... where are the kids? It snowed like crazy we have probably like 3 inches so it is not a super huge amount...but did you see that snowman?
I love the truck in the snow...next year's Christmas card picture is totally going to be kids around the truck with a Christmas tree in the back of it....snow would be nice but not necessary.
Our house looks like some crazy ski lodge.

So why does Keith totally rock. When it started snowing he went out and cut firewood...like from a tree he cut down a couple of months ago. A chainsaw, and an axe thing called something else. I know I am sure a lot of people cut firewood from their trees...but I don't so I am impressed. Then we had a great fire in our fireplace...the wood is holly and it burns bright and hot...it rocks.
Keith also plays in the snow with the kids and helps them build snowmen...which I don't do because I get cold! He spends hour figuring out crazy electronics from 20 years ago so we can watch movies with our projector thingy with surround sound and then running cables through the ceiling, cutting old speakers out of custom built in entertainment centers. There is literally nothing around the house this awesome husband of mine can't fix. I don't know how I got so lucky!

Zebby's birthday cake

Here it is in all of it's puzzle cupcake lopsided glory! It looks like the rocket is shooting ketchup and mustard out of it's engines!

Keith rocks

I have some great pictures from this weekend that i will post in a couple of hours...but I have been reminded how super awesome my husband is and wanted to shout it from the blogger rooftop....haha

Friday, December 3, 2010


I haven't written a post in almost a week. There is always such a huge to do list that I can never get to the bottom of. In fact, for the last 2 weeks I can't even get to writing my to do list. It is like I am forever engaged in surviving. There are 5 little people who need something all the time. It has settled down a little bit and at times I can manage to get them involved in one activity or at least similar activities in the same room.
I know it will get easier and I will get better at organizing the kids...but for now I am barely holding on!

I know i need to improve my planning and my ability to stay on point with routines. I am working on it and I think it will help the kids remain focussed and organized if I exude organization! haha. Now all I have to do is find my dormant organization/routine gene!

We have our Christmas tree up and the lights on it. We were going to decorate tonight after dinner, but the boys were soooo tired we just watched a movie instead. Tomorrow we are going to decorate and I have to bake some chocolate chip cookies. Tomorrow evening is a parade in Prestonsburg and our church is having an open house with hot chocolate and cookies. I am really looking forward to it. The kids are really looking forward to it too.

The praise band is playing again on Sunday and I have to get some practicing in over the next day or two...I don't know this song as well as I should. it is a great song though - just some tough timing on a part or two.

Christmas spending is like a giant monster of doom stomping through our checking account and leaving a trail of destruction behind it. I love Christmas, but every year the spending is out of control and overall makes my Christmas a lot less enjoyable. I love watching the kids get excited about opening presents they like...but I want my kids to get as excited about things at Christmas that don't involve materialistic things. I definitely have an increasing resentment of stuff and every month and year my disdain for stuff grows. I am working hard to find a way to reconcile my conflicting relationship with stuff because I don't have the option of selling everything I own, filing for bankrupty and moving to Kenya. Although sometimes that is the most appealing option! haha.

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