Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas pictures

This year is Zeb's turn to put the star on the christmas tree....I didn't realize it was a new family xtreme sport. Next year I am getting a harness.

We also hung stockings with care on the spiral staircase!

It was all around good fun! Every time I took a picture of something going on Ben and Zeb would both scream "take a picture of me!" was a little ridiculous...although they both are so cute it is hard to resist.
School is cancelled tomorrow because of the snow and the Christmas program scheduled for Wed has been rescheduled for next I need to look at the call schedule and see if I can make it. UGGG. I totally had Wed off to go to the Christmas program and I am probably on call on Tuesday.
In other news...I totally have a miserable cold....I am going to go crawl into bed now!


Shannon said...

How adorable! I would've rigged up a harness of some sort, but you know me, I catastrophize every situation! ;) Hope your cold gets better fast - soup followed by chocolate!

Michelle said...

Haha...they actually blindsided me..I had not idea the treachory that was afoot until Zeb was hanging out between the rails and saying "MOMMY take a picture of me"

THe kids aren't even allowed on those stairs at all. Next year...harness!

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